Is Food Free on IndiGo Flights?

Snacks, Food Menu, Beverages on IndiGo Airline

Indigo is a Budget airline and has only Economy tickets. Meals or snacks can be purchased on-board, of course, at “out-of-proportion” prices. Only one bottle of water is provided free, but you are free to purchase more. While you are liberty to let Indigo select seats for you without payment, but if you insist on a seat preference, be ready to shell out more money. There are seats which are priced very high and then there are seats which are priced moderately, but with a preference, every seat is priced.

Complimentary meals or snacks are not available on IndiGo flights.

While the opulent meals and lie-flat beds of a business-class cabin are certainly appealing, there are times when all you need is an affordable, no-frills flight to get you from point A to point B. Everyone loves a good deal, so when travelers hear about the proliferation of “low-cost” carriers, it's easy to see the appeal. The so-called ultra low-cost carriers, or budget airlines, have become a huge part of the air travel landscape, offering budget-conscious travelers a way to fly without breaking the bank.

IndiGo allows passengers to bring food on-board, including cold snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, snack bars, and biscuits. Messy, oily, or strong-smelling foods are not permitted.

Nothing Comes Free

IndiGo, one of India's leading low-cost airlines, operates under a similar model to many budget carriers around the world. Complimentary snacks are not available on IndiGo flights. However, you can pre-book your snack when making your reservation or add it later online or by calling our call center. If you haven't pre-booked your snack, you can also purchase food items on-board, subject to availability. This approach helps keep ticket prices low while providing flexibility for passengers who wish to purchase food and beverages during their flight.

IndiGo Fees and Services

Like many low-cost carriers, IndiGo has fees for various services. Complimentary beverages and snacks are not provided, but you can pre-book or buy food on-board. Additionally, there's no seat-back entertainment, but travelers can stream free movies, live TV, and music to their own devices, ensuring an enjoyable flight experience.

For additional services, such as carry-on bags, priority boarding, checked bags, and seat assignments, IndiGo charges separate fees. These fees are part of how the airline maintains its low base fares, allowing passengers to customize their travel experience according to their needs and budget.

IndiGo In-Flight Menu: Tasty Treats You Can Purchase

Flying with IndiGo means you can enjoy a variety of delicious menu items available for purchase on-board. The airline offers an assortment of snacks, meals, and beverages to suit different tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring that your journey is as enjoyable as possible.

IndiGo’s snack options include a range of savory and sweet choices such as sandwiches, wraps, and snack bars. For a heartier bite, you can opt for hot meals like biryani, pasta, and vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries, all freshly prepared to satisfy your hunger during the flight. These meals are designed to provide a satisfying and convenient dining experience at cruising altitude.

On the beverage front, IndiGo offers a selection of non-alcoholic drinks including soft drinks, juices, and bottled water. Tea and coffee are also available, perfect for a quick pick-me-up during your flight.

For those with a sweet tooth, the menu features a variety of desserts and treats like muffins, cookies, and chocolate bars, adding a touch of indulgence to your travel experience.

While complimentary meals are not provided, the diverse menu ensures that there’s something for everyone. Pre-booking your meal online can often be a convenient way to guarantee your preferred choice, but you can also purchase items on-board, subject to availability.

When flying with IndiGo, understanding these fee structures and pre-booking any desired amenities can help ensure a smooth and budget-friendly journey.

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