What is not allowed in hand baggage in India?

Dos and Don'ts of Hand Luggage on Flights to India

Hand Luggage

Traveling can be an exhilarating experience, but it comes with its share of challenges, especially when it comes to understanding the labyrinth of rules surrounding hand luggage. If you're heading to India, or planning to take a flight within the country, being aware of what you can and cannot bring in your carry-on bag is crucial for a smooth journey. This guide demystifies the regulations, helping you pack wisely and avoid any unnecessary hiccups at the airport.

What's Not Allowed in Your Hand Baggage?

Air travel regulations are stringent about safety and security, leading to a list of items prohibited in hand luggage. While some restrictions are universal, others might be specific to airlines or countries. Here's a rundown of what's generally not allowed in your carry-on when flying to or within India:

Sharp Objects

Any items capable of causing injury, such as knives, scissors (with blades longer than 4 inches), box cutters, and large sports equipment, must be checked in. Small scissors and personal grooming tools like nail clippers are usually allowed.

Firearms and Ammunition

All firearms, ammunition, and explosive materials, including firecrackers, are strictly prohibited in hand luggage. These items require special handling and permissions if they are to be transported at all.

Chemicals and Toxic Substances

Corrosive, flammable, or poisonous substances, such as bleach, aerosols (beyond toiletry allowances), and fire extinguishers, are not permitted in your carry-on. Battery-powered devices with spillable batteries are also banned unless they adhere to airline regulations.

Gels, Liquids, and Aerosols

Following international guidelines, India restricts the amount of liquids, gels, and aerosols you can carry in hand luggage. These must be in containers of no more than 100ml each and should fit comfortably in a transparent, resealable 1-liter plastic bag.

Tools and Heavy Objects

Tools that can cause serious injury or be used as a weapon, including drills, saws, and hammers, should be checked in. Similarly, heavy objects that could be used to injure someone, like certain types of sports bats, are not allowed in hand luggage.

Electronic Restrictions

While laptops, cameras, and cell phones are allowed in hand luggage, passengers are often required to remove these items for screening at security checkpoints. Power banks and e-cigarettes must be carried in hand luggage, not checked baggage, due to fire risk.

Carry On

Are Medicines Allowed in Hand Luggage in India?

Medicines are allowed in hand luggage, but with some stipulations. Prescription medications should be accompanied by a valid prescription bearing the traveler's name. It's advisable to keep medicines in their original packaging to avoid confusion or delays during security checks. For liquid medications exceeding the 100ml limit, it's wise to have a doctor's note or a medical certificate to present at security.

Packing Your Carry-On Wisely

  • Double-Check Airline Policies: Specific airlines may have additional restrictions or allowances, so it's wise to check with your airline before packing.
  • Prepare for Security Checks: Organize your carry-on so that electronics and liquids are easily accessible for screening.
  • Consider What You Really Need: Minimize potential issues by packing only the essentials in your hand luggage.

Final Thoughts

Understanding what is not allowed in hand baggage when flying to or within India is essential for a hassle-free airport experience. By familiarizing yourself with the prohibited items and preparing your carry-on accordingly, you ensure that your journey through the airport is as smooth and swift as your flight. Happy travels, and may your journey be as light as your well-packed hand luggage!

 Air India Restricted Items

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Permitted and Prohibited Items  

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