February 6, 2008

Taking LCD TV to India : Indian Custom Duty on LCD TV

You have to pay duty on all flat panel televisions

 (LCD, LED, Plasma etc).

Can anyone confirm how much duty will be applicable on an led, lcd tv ?

Update : 36.05% Tax on LCD / LED / PLASMA

Isn’t it covered under the Duty Free Allowance? 

No, Duty Free Allowance is not applicable to flat panel televisions since 26 August 2013. 

Customs Duty is applicable to flat panel televisions of ALL SIZES.

The goods over and above the free allowances of 25K (which includes electronics and jewellery - excluding one laptop) shall be chargeable at
more then 35% customs duty - you need to pay duty on anything exceeding 25K

Too many people are asking what K stands for ?
K stands for thousand
Example 25K means 25 x 1000 = 25000

If you take it when you Return to India for Good, you will pay only 15% duty under Transfer of Residence


The 36.05% is calculated based on cost price or market price in India?
36.05% on “assessed value”

The value will be assessed on arrival, based on parameters such as make, model, condition of the TV : whether new or old etc.

To help in assessment, Customs Officers have an internal database with popular TV models and their prices.

Please have your tv reciept handy in case of dispute.

Allowances cannot be pooled, even among family members.

Reciepts / Bills / Invoice ?
Always it is good to have receipts ready or you will end up paying customs duty for somewhat arbitrary value for the TV, fixed by the india customs

The duty is assessed on the "value" of the goods rather than the figure that may be written on any "invoice" produced by the importer. Customs have a database which is used to assess the value so underdeclaring value to avoid duty doesn't work anymore.

Do not try to bribe a customs officer to avoid the duty.
The penalties for being caught initiating a bribe are quite significant and unpleasant nowadays. You will have to tackle Indian customs on your own and if you have the knack and know how to deal with them, you can get away easily, else, you pay through your nose.

Voltage and Frequency differences 

Indian power voltage is 240 volts while the United States has 115 volts ... you may need voltage converter and a plug adapter 

Which brand/model will work in India?

I want to buy a TV only after I am sure that it will work there.
The Digital broadcast standard selected by India is DVB-T while that in the U.S., it's ATSC. Analogue standards (PAl and NTSC) are incompatible too. Make sure the USA bought TV will work in India.
LCD TVs prices in India are very expensive compared to US.

My parents are visiting us in the US right now. They want to take a 32" LCD TV back to India....... Is it Worth It ?

Some models of the TV's and Blue Ray Players now are multi Region (NTSC/ATSC/PAL/QAM)

When You use a SET-UP Box with HDMI Output (Reliance Big TV / SUN Direct / Airtel) you don't have to worry about PAL / NTSC cause they all relay DIGITAL Signal.

If you're planning to use this "LCD TV" as a computer monitor, then you can consider taking it to India.

Airlines will not charge anything additional, other than what they charge for an extra box/package as shipped with your baggage. (airlines cover it if its lost and not if it is broken)

You get good LCD TVs in India which will work with Indian PAL standard and 240 volts and you'll get local warranty as well as support too.

Is It Risky To Carry A LCD TV In Airline Luggage? Can It Be Damaged?
It can be risky! You can request that they label it fragile upon checking the item it. This does not guarantee it will arrive unharmed.

They may not allow you to check it in once you share its contents.

Should they allow, it still must meet the airline’s baggage requirements.

Most, if not all airlines, restrict baggage weight and size.

Baggage over 70lbs are restricted and if allowed you will be charged a set amount.

They also have restrictions based on length and height.

Transport LCD TV 

The absolute best way to transport an LCD TV is in the original box with the original styrofoam forms that protected it - If its in the original packing, it should be able to survive the journeyAssuming you can't do that, your best bet is to pack it as firmly as possible around the back, sides, and only the frame in front. Have nothing pressing on the screen itself.

You get good LCD TVs in India which will work with Indian standard and 240 volts and you'll get local warranty as well as support too.

There is no point in buying in US and taking it to India. Simply too many hassles.

We get so many postings that unfortunately, it will not be possible to respond to you individually.


Arvind Devalla said...


When you mean worth of the TV in INR, do you mean price of the TV paid in USD converted to INR or do you mean the price of the TV in India?


Ronak's said...

Mr Arvind you can purchase electronic item upto 25000 or 500 usd($)...if your product is more than this ammount you have to pay duty extra..if you really want solution mail me at " ronak.sgrestate@gmail.com ".i send you exact solution.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me. if i will just bring Panasonic LCD TV the model number is TH-L32C20M and price in Dubai is 1278 Dhs/ But in india price is 2999 INR. please advice have i to pay duty extra? and how much?

rajinder said...


i want to take a 32 inch samsung to india in punjab will it work well over ther?? do i have to pay any custom on it? can you pls let me know many thax

VijayGadde said...

Hi All, I live in London and I have this 42inch Thosiba TV with me and I bought it 3years before @ cost of 400GBP - 2nd Hand - now I want to carry this to india...How can this customs makeup the TV cost and caleculate the tax. This TV in uk cost not even 300GBP ( 21,00.00 Indian rupees) and this lessthan 25k ( tax free allowance). Can some one suggest me please.

manchanda ramesh said...

Ronak, notwithstanding hassles, is there a big price differential. Also , we all know that most of the items are made in China, then how about the warranty. Do the India companies accept the warranty clause.
Thanks and regards.

manchanda ramesh said...

Ronak, how about the price differential in LCDs in India and secondly, how about the warranty. Do the India dealers accept the warranty of international brands like Samsung and LG etc
Ramesh, Canberra Australia

Unknown said...

Hi i am moving from us to india after 2yrs and will to ship my 46 inch tv to delhi through cargo.Can any one tell me if i have to pay 15% duty or 35 % duty on the the TV.

diraviya said...

hi am living in london and i bought a sony 55inch 3D LED TV worth of £1600(115200). am planning to take that tv for good. so can any one help me in calculating customs duty for that tv in india. thanks

thrissurgeorge said...

hi i have a lcd40 inches which i bought 31st may,2009 its 2 years old and this costed me 795 euros when i bought but it only costs 450 euros currently do i have to pay customs duty if i take it home to india.

Anonymous said...

No one seems to have answered the question which is if the price of LCD 32" TV in Dubai is 1200 dirhams which when converted to INR is 24,000/-. However if the same TV is available in Indian markey for Rs 38,000/-, on what amount would the duty be applied i.e. Rs 24,000/- or Rs 38,000/-.

Anonymous said...

If someone is returning on TR to India, what are the formalities that are needed to be incurred before boarding the airplane and after one has landed in India (Mumbai). Also if the household items such as TV, Music System, Refrigerator and Micowave Oven are 10 years old, would customs duty be applicable and if applicable, to what percentage?



i am working in malaysia n i bought a 40" sony 3d led tv cost around RM4000,I have used this for more than 4 months,now trying to get tis to india how much customs charge for this,pls reply me

koti said...

Hi rajalingam,

Did u get solution for u r answer, I also want to bring Led 42inch to india its coast about 2500Rm how much i need to pay tax?

Madhav Gore said...

I wish to purchase SONY HDR-PJ50 PJ 50 VIDEO CAMERA CAMCORDER PROJECTOR HD. The cost of this Camcorder at Tigerdirect.com is USD 1000 WHICH when converted to Indian Rupees comes to Rs.45000/-. I have told my friend who gone to USA to bring this camcorder. How much Customs duty will be levied on this camera. My email is madhav_gore61@yahoo.co.in.

kishorkumar varma. said...

My daughter in Usa on immigrant visa & now holding gc status. While final dep fm India she did not obtain ec/endorsement on her pp about the gold ornaments total weighing about 100 gms. She has original bill with complete details of ornaments & arriving back home after 4 years.
Can someone tell me whether she can walk out without payment of customs duty at Bombay airport. Tks.

Anonymous said...


I am living in New Zealand and my Parents ( DAD & MOM) are here to visit me. Now they are travelling back to India and would like to Take 1 LCD TV from here to India. The cost of TV in NZ dollor coming to $800.00. Would they be paying any Duty on the TV??


I am next month first week will be go Dubai to India. I will plan Samsung LED 32” TV any duty in Trichy Airport worth is Rs.27000/->

Ruchi said...

Hi I AM IN London i WANT TO BUY A Lcd T.V TO iNDIA.It costs more than 25000/- INR Is it worth carry that to India? Will This work in India?
How much the Customs in India charge?
Does the airline, airindia include the Lcd in Baggage or we have to carry that separately. Please advise asap.

Anonymous said...

How can our great corrupt custom officer be punished,,thy are like a hungry dogs at the aiport with white dress....Cannot bring anything much for our family after so many long years of hard work..

Unknown said...

No one seems to have answered the question which is if the price of LCD 32" TV in Dubai is 1200 dirhams which when converted to INR is 24,000/-. However if the same TV is available in Indian markey for Rs 38,000/-, on what amount would the duty be applied i.e. Rs 24,000/- or Rs 38,000/-.

Anonymous said...

you will have to pay duty on the price of the good (at which you purchased it) i.e. INR 24000 in this case. So, if you don't bring anyother electronic item with you then you can very much bring this TV duty free in India

Anonymous said...

I am posting this for all to know that the Mumbai Customs are behaving in a very bullish and arrogant manner harrasing incoming Indians from vacations after visiting places such a Dubai. I have three instances when our friends and relatives were forced to pay extra duty based on some arbitary list held by the custom officials at the CS airport in Mumbai. Although they have the original invoice and the bill and the credit card payment slip the customs officers in charge insist with threats to pay up according to the list they hold which is anyway atrociously priced and out of limits. people have been fleeced out of 25K and more at times.

Anonymous said...

Good evening ,
i want to take 40inch samsumg LED tv to kerala its cost around Rs. 45000, do i need to pay any custom in the airport for itif yes let me knw pls.

Please let me inform me in my email id :-

Anonymous said...

I got a 32" inch LED TV to Hyderabad from USA last week and no questions asked at customs. Worked great with Airtel DTH HD box. Not sure if there is any customs duty over 32" in.

venkat said...


Can i carry more than one Home Theatre System from Dubai to Bangalore? Note the total value of the Home Theatre is less than INR 25000.

v1234 said...

I am planning to buy a 46inch TV in the US and taking it with me to India. The TV costs close to $800-1000 USD in the US and over INR1,00,00 (equivalent to $2500) in India.

I plan to use the packing i get in the store and probably pay a bit extra (over size luggage) at the airport.

This is my first time doing so and looking to see if anyone has done it before and if this is even feasible.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...


murali said...

Hi nowadays tvs are coming only with ATSC/QAM not even NTCS is written.Could you please tell if this will work in India

Anonymous said...

I have a 37 inch lcd tv in canada which i want to bring it to India.
Would a 120V TV work on 240V input in India, or do I have to get an adapter?
Indian customs will also charge me extra for it?

Taarun. said...

how much duty,does one pay for bringing a used lcd/plasma tv from Singapore to Mumbai.

NAVEEN said...

Hi, I have a plan to take LED TV(costs $1400) from US to India. Can anyone tell me how much Customs duty that i need to pay at Hyderabad Airport?

Anonymous said...

Hi All can anybody expalin me the customs rate in india-Mumbai actually i wish to buy a lcd 43 inches from Dubai the cost of lcd in Dubai currency is 2000 i e indian rupees 28,000 plz tell me how much i have to pay for custom thnx

Rakesh said...

hi everyone
just want a suggestion from you people that i want to take a 32" inch LCD from Melbourne to INDIA.
is it easy to carry and roughly how much it cost to take that and do they calculate in a baggage weight or not.
and what about Indian customs
please reply me on my mail id rakesh241985@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I am planing to take Sony 32'' LED TV from US to Chennai. Do I need to pay custom's duty? if so, how much will it cost? Is it possible to carry home theater system along with that? Please suggest me buddies.

Anonymous said...


I bought sony google tv 32" in US, its has HDMI port,
will it work in India without Pal to Ntsc converter?

Anonymous said...

plz a kindly request to all if any body knows about how to take from london to india plz reply on email sonam302000@gmail.com

Bubokai ambur said...

Please tell me. if i will just bring Panasonic LED TV and price in Qatar is 1700 Qr/ But in india price is 20400 INR. please advice have i to pay duty extra? and how much?

Email ID - thousif55@gmail.com

Bubokai ambur said...

I will just bring LG LED TV and price in Qatar is 1700 Qr/ But in india price is 20400 INR. please advice have i to pay duty extra? and how much?

Thanks & Regards


Arun Nagargoje said...


Can anyone help me to get the clear understanding custom applicable of price of TV? I mean actual purchase price converted to INR or its price in India?
Appreciate if anyone has any link so that I can show proof to custom officers in India.
My friend took Samsung 40" 3D smart LED to India (Purchase price 40K INR) but custom officers asked him to pay customs as per India price which was more than 80K.

Thanks In Advance,

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I just bought LG 47LW5000(47" 3D LED Tv). Just wanted to know will it work in india, with HDMI settop box like from Tatasky/Airtel/reliance/dish?

Also any information regarding the customs rule will help.I am going to take it to India after using it 1 year.

Thanks in advance...

Anonymous said...

I was carrying 32" LED last month, and the converted price was less than 20k, but still custom officers asking 5000 INR,. I show my original bills also and I can carry this without custom, but no was ready to listen me. @ Last after 30 min I paid 2000 INR, and come out. While coming out before gate again two police stop me and asking money. They keep me waited 10 min. I paid 500 INR and finally come out.

Altogether it was the pathetic experience in Mumbai International Airport.

Anonymous said...

I want to take samsung 40" LCD TV to India from Bahrain. I lost the Receipt. How much Custom Duty do i need to pay in Indian Airport. Please advice...

Anonymous said...


I want to carry LG32inch LED from kula lumpur to India and worth is 25600INR around so what to do in that case.

Awaiting for any response...

Anonymous said...

when india entered GATT treaty. All political parties except congress(I)
refused and expressed their displeasure. Congress
party assured gatt come into effect most of the things can be imported freely, and for NRIs who earn foreign currency can purchase and import goods without paying customs duty.
even otherwise why should NRIs pay customs duty.
NRIs are not converting indian rupees to dollars and buying goods. NRIs buy foreign goods with the money they have earned out of india. indians travelled to other countries because of the lack of job, poverty and low standard living environment in india.
india's main source of foreign currency is from NRIs. shame on indian customs and govt for still milking NRIs and depriving the rights of NRIs. think and act sensibly.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

actually tax should be calculated based on the purchased country price and then converted to indian rupees. for example 1200aed x 12.5 = 15000 rs. but our customs people may say that it is based on the indian price for same prodcut which is rubbish. if so noone will buy it from other country. indian rules are good but some officers change it for thier benefits.

kavita said...


I am traveling from Dubai to India ( mumbai).can i carry 2lcd of 32 inches. It weighs about 28 Kgs and cost abt 25,000 INR. Will there be a problem @ the mumbai airport

Venkat said...

Hello All,

I was reading all these posting till last week. Finally I decided to take a LED 32 Inch tv to India. After research I found that B&H Photo selling Multi System sets which will work in anywhere in the world. It has a built support for 100-240v and 50-70Hz. I got 32 Inch Samsung LED tv for 509$. I don't want to waste my time in India looking for a converter and lose my vacation time. So, I paid some extra money. Again, my in-laws use a old cable tv connection, so just getting a NTSC tv and using a HDMI is out of question here. I got the package from B&H and checked-in the same packing ( i didn't open it in USA ). The package arrived safely in Chennai and went through green channel. No questions asked. I declared worth of good importing as 25,000 on immigration slip. It reached final destination safely and I could set up that in 10 min without any hassle.. and tv working great.


Anonymous said...

k stands for 1000 rupees in accounting and investment banking

Ravi said...

i jus want to know... what do you mean when you wrire 'excluding laptop'.. and can i get a laptop worth more that INR 25k? do i still have to pay a duty on that?

Roky said...

Hi, I am bringing 40" Samsung LED TV worth (700 AUD) 35000INR to India which i brought today from Sydney (Australia)and would carry with me to India on 28 feb 2012 at Bangalore airport. could any explain how much would be the custom charges need to pay for it and how difficult it would be?

Anonymous said...

what is the maximum size of LCD or LED permissible from UAE to INDIA without incurring any customs duty

Nandy said...

Hi, I have one question - my brother had purchased a Plasma TV couple of years back from close to USD 1000. He is keen to send back to India. As I will be travelling in the near future, on my return leg I may get the TV along side me. I want to know on the Custom Duty implication.

Ravichandran Palraj said...

Daar Bro,
i have 40" Sony LCD and i like to carry to mumbai(india) for my home use and it cost 23,000/-RS. so can any one help me to know, is it duty free? or how much should i need to pay custom dutty? i will appreciated your help

thak you

Jasti said...


I am planning to carry a new LED TV 46inches worth of 550£ from London to India. Does AirIndia allows it as check-in luggage ? Also approximately how much do i need to pay as custom fee ?

Much appreciate your response.

Dinesh said...

I have sony LCD40 inch,Model:BX42
It cost was in saudiRiyal:2170,But in Indian Rupee:54000/showroom cost.while i convert Riyal.2170 x13
India price coming 30000k,.so How much i will pay in Banglore Airport,.plz give exact answer for my doubt,.mail me:dinesh.sivaraj86@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I want to take 40" LED samsung,pls tell how much duty will i have to pay? (cochin airport)

Unknown said...


i have been in the US for past 6 months, am having a plan to take the music system of worth $800, since it is old and used, still do we need to pay the duty? could you please guide me on this.

Unknown said...

Dear members,

First consideration should be on the tech-specs of ur TV model and the compatibility of Indian broadcasting standards..
I think it has been clearly stated from this article through this statement

//////The Digital broadcast standard selected by India is DVB-T while that in the U.S., it's ATSC. Analogue standards (PAl and NTSC) are incompatible too. Make sure the USA bought TV will work in India./////////

other constraints like voltage up/down modifications could well be matched with local tramsformers..so..no issue..

loss in money exchange/comparative Indian market availability of TV data _factors wouldn't also be given much weightage in consideration while taking the aspect of foreignTV model quality not available with Indian available models..
sometimes we have to compromise in these things..no other go..

If u have the receipts and warranty cards to state that ur TV was bought some six months earlier before ur travel date and the price was also within that 50k INR..Then there will be no issue in crossing the checkout..If the weight is within ur allowed limit..25/30 Kg(depends on the airlines).

I sent my Sony 3DTV KDL-40inchHX720 one month back from Tokyo,Japan to Chennai..
my family 4members group luggage administered this..no issues..Enquired about the bills but no hassles..

even they dont had the right receipts @ that time..That model is not in India, The spec was that immpressive one I cant able to get it even now in Japan for that price..That is why I sent it to India even it is pure dedicated Japanese model even with only Japanese onscreen display, voltage constraints and tuners..

I am planning it to use it for dedicated
Bluray3DMovies(Japan/US Region collection) and Internet/Skype/Youtube surfing purposes.

Unknown said...

can anyone confirm how much duty will be applicalble on an42 inch led tv in India

Anonymous said...

hello everyone
i want to carry 37'' samsung LED tv with me by JetAirways to India from UK so i have to pay some duty on it or not ?
please suggest me by email on prash7791@gmail.com

thank you

Anonymous said...

i need to take 40 inch led or lcd tv to india, i am residing in australia continuos 3 years . is it possible to send through shipping? if i am carrying with me how much duty i need to pay?
Please advise

Thanks Suresh

Anonymous said...

first 32 inch in dubai is 18000rs and duty laid is only 2000rs only so u could bring it to india in 20000rs easily

Unknown said...

Hi, I have a plan to take LED TV(costs SAR 1800) from Saudi to India. Can anyone tell me how much Customs duty that i need to pay at Hyderabad Airport?

Anonymous said...


If travelling couple do we able to carry 2 TVs
each of 21K worth


Unknown said...

Hi I have purchase LCD worth £ 328 ( Rs 27000 ) from London, i want to take it to India ,so how much is custom duty. kindly reply soon

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

i saw here lot of comments and my experience last year i bought 42"LG LED. but safe side i request 2 receipts from shop. 1 is original price and 1 is less price when i enter in india they ask receipt is how less price one thats all finish.

Unknown said...

hi friends

i have brought led from china as i was getting it at very good prices even i have shown the bill for the prices which i got from china.but i was been hold buy indian customs saying that their is rule that if
person coming from china can carry goods worth of rs 6000 only.
they just gave me wavier of 4000 rs as because i have bought 2 bottles of whisky from duty free shop at mumbai airport.so the led tv price was total rs 25,000 in which they gave me waverer for 4000 rs and charged duty on 21,000 rs(35%).
so can any one guide me how much value goods allowed from china and how to talk with somebody who can help me out of this.

mahesh (mumbai)

Unknown said...

I am staying last twenty years in Saudi Arabia., and I want to take all my house hold goods to my including 46"LED TV, Refrigerator & other electronic items. could you explain how can I use my TR and tell me the duty and other charges for Indian customs.

Vinay said...

Hi, This is Rama staying in Singapore, I purchased a 42inch LCD TV in 2010 ( more than 4years) for SGD1500 that time, now this model doesn't exist any more in the market, on what basis customs will calculate the market value. please mail me to rama.karumuri@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,

As I knew, after 26-Aug-2013 custom duty will apply 36% on LCD, LED tv. But I have purchased my Sony LCD 32" 4-5 years before and used in Kuwait, also I don't have invoice (may be). I want to know what will be the custom duty or not at all? (what if i have invoice?)

Please reply me on purbiaravi@gmail.com or contact me +965-67010077 (Kuwait) or +91-7568398075 (India).

Many Thanks,

Ravi Purbia

Unknown said...

Hi ,

I am working in Madagascar ( SA) from last 5years with my family .
I want to know can bring my LCD TV 55 inch with me and have four person air ticket .if need to pay duty in India then how much .
My mail id is zulfikarali28@yahoo.com.

london said...

i want to carry 48'' samsung LED tv with me by Airindia Singapore to India so i have to pay how much duty on it or not ?
please suggest me by email on jagsir.seera@gmail.com My Mob +6584315007 Whatsup

london said...

Hi everyone
i want to carry 48'' samsung LED tv with me by Airindia singapore to India so i have to pay some duty on it or not ?
please suggest me by email on jagsir.seera@gmail.com
HP +6584315007

Anonymous said...

Is there a way we can get to see the database of the televisions and the price that the customs officials see. This way we can analyse whether the TV we are taking exceeds the value that the customs are seeing.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to send a TV from USA to India to my deceased friend's parents. He past away in USA. Will there be a customs duty(as his parents have provided me his deceased certificate)?

Anonymous said...

If a resident Indian were bringing an apple imac from canada to India, after a stay of 2 months on tourist visa, would he have to pay duty on it? If yes, would it be 36 % of the entire cost of the machine? Or would it be after subtracting the permitted value from the cost?

Anonymous said...

hello everybody,

I purchased a 32 inch LED TV in Malaysia and i want to take it to chennai. TV costs 16000 INR, how much tax wanna pay to customs.
Pls confirm me immediately.

limin said...

i want to import a led 40" tv[150B.D] from bahrain to india for my personal use. what will come customs duty?

ayush said...


ayush said...

Inteligent boy

Unknown said...

I am staying last twenty years in Saudi Arabia., and I want to take led samsung 32 how much cherge duty

maddy menghani said...

hello all of u , actually i'm living in dubai since 8 year, and now my mom visit here, i'm using here sony led tv since 4 years i'm going to give her so she can bring to home india, can any one tell me how much gona pay the tax? its old second hand tv now, 4 years old, please reply me waiting for your guidance and help ... what should i do? and when this tax will b free, really india charging too much money on it, how we will pay taxes when indian prices are 65000rupees and dubai prices after covert 30000 rupees, really not good, GOVT. should remove this taxes and all, like we are not yet freedom .... this is too bad for us, even after 5 years we can not bring anything good for our own .. shame for us...

Unknown said...

I have bought a led tv worth 2000 dhirams.I want to take it to india so i want to know exactly how much custom do i need to pay on delhi airport?Kindly reply

Anonymous said...

I have bought 40inch TV from Abu Dhabi for (Dhs 1049) ruppes3200 thousand am taking to India (hadrabad) how will be custom for this tv

Unknown said...

Hi! i'm from india and am stationed at Dubai for work, I have bought a 32inch LED for personal use but would like to take it along to india, can someone humbly advise if its subject to customs


Unknown said...

Hi Folks,

I've purchased a Samsung LED TV 46 inch in Singapore and sent it to India before 6 months.
I need to bring the TV from India to Singapore, since TV is under repair and the warranty Only Covers in Singapore.

What formalities are required to carry the TV from India to Singapore and vice-verse with out any duty or any other charges.

Please help me with your comments.

Unknown said...

I bought lg 49ub830 in uae costing 2500 dirham so much i have pay tax to india

Unknown said...

i would like to take a 42 inch Sony led TV on June 2015 from Ukraine . so how much will be the customs duty be paid and how about the price calculated whether the price of that model in India or the price which i have paid in Ukraine ??

Unknown said...

Hi, I am planning to take a LG television to India 42", worth 30000 INR, what is the duty charges i need to pay

ashishwadhera said...

hi, i have a 32" almost 3 year old LCD tv here in australia. and i want to send it to India, delhi. so can u please tell me that how much duty do i have to pay on that tv. thanks, ashish

gdgd said...


How much customs duty will be charged if used TV is carried back to India ????
42" led TV. Used for 6 months from the date of purchase ????

Unknown said...

Dear friends i m going for leisure trip to Dubai for a month kindly guide me the what things can i buy when i return like one 55 inches led, one handy camera , one still camera, one android mobiles, karaoke system so for these items have i need to pay duty ? whats app :- +91 98948 74717

Anonymous said...

I have shipped Sony 55 inch TV from US. I have missed the bill. Will there be any issues while collecting the tv in Indian Customs?

NIKHIL said...

Dear Ronak

I hope you are doing well

Please tell me. if i will just bring LG LCD TV 42 inch ( lg led tv
42lb551t 42 ) price in Abudhabi1300dhs. please advice, how much to pay
in kochi airport as duty....

Anonymous said...

hi sir i am jan coming to india in tamilnadu i am bying ledsamsung tv in dubai tha price is 778dhs in india valeu is Rs13615 so i have to pay any dudty pls let me know sir.
my email id is neelapragash2009@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Though it is mentioned that if someone if coming for good back to India, Customs will charge only 15% of duty on TV, I have really bad experience with Customs in Delhi.
They charged 36% flat on TV....please let me know where to file complaint against this unauthorized charges.

Unknown said...


I want to bring ome led tv to India, its samsung led tv 48 inches, . According to out india custom only 25 k free, so in this case value is important of the product, if i will buy 35000 cost of led so i hve to pay the custom dee of 10k only, so led side is doesn't matter if i will take 32-48. Or its any changes about the sizes also, can u plss give me fully detail

Unknown said...

Please tell me. if i will just bring LG LED TV the model number is LG42LF500 and price in Dubai is 1200 Dhs/ But in india price is 30,000.00 INR. please advice have i to pay duty extra? and how much?


Unknown said...

Sir I want to bring 4 inch led how much amount I will pay in Delhi airport

Unknown said...


I have new laptop, but that laptop is my company give me, i'll pay the duty? if i pay the duty
how many indian rupees?

syed abuthahir said...

Hai sir I am syed. I buy one Samsung led TV 48 inch they amount is 840 dollar Singapore. This I much need to pay duty

Unknown said...

heloo sir Samsung 48 Inch Series 6 Full HD Smart 3D LED TV - I want to take my house wht customs charge pay in airport

Unknown said...

Hi, I have a plan to take LED TV(costs SAR 1800) from Saudi to India. Can anyone tell me how much Customs duty that i need to pay at Hyderabad Airport?

charli said...

Hi freinds,

Actualy i buy 40" LED samsung tv in saudi arabia. so june 2016 i am planning to back india .
(chennai). So how much i have to pay custom duty for my TV actual indian cost is Rs.35000.

Please sugget me

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Though this post is old. Found some new info that I would like to update so that people still looking for info can find it helpful.


Unknown said...

Hai my name haja iam working malaysia. samsung 48 inch internet led tv malaysia rm 1800 how munch custom charges pls explain

Unknown said...

Is it possible to carry a 55-65 inches tv from qatar to india ?


Hello Friends,

I would like to carry a brand new 48" 4K Ultra High Definition LED LCD Smart TV from UK to India which is currently available at a price of £249.99. Could anyone please clarify would this required to pay customs in India or does this come under as free allowance limit of 25 K. Any responses are greatly appreciated.


Unknown said...

I have purchased TV in Saudi Arabia cost of 1499riyal where in INR is 26382/-.and with this I bought home theater cost of 899riyal where in INR 16000.. totally of 42382/- in Indian rupees....so how much should I pay tax.... please help me


I have bought 40 inch led t.v from saudi arabia.when ihave a vacation i want to bring together with my luggage.it is possible bring to india.bcz somebody will told me from riyadh airport will not allowed to bring more than 32 inches.is it?

Unknown said...

Hi I have purchase LED 55In worth 1400 Dh ( Rs 26000 ) from Dubai, i want to take it to India ,so how much is custom duty. kindly reply soon

Unknown said...

Please tell me. if i will just bring EUROSTAR LED TV 55In and price in Dubai is 1400 Dh/ But in india price is 20600 INR. please advice have i to pay duty extra? and how much?

Email ID - mallikarjundasari503@gmail.com

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

What will be the customs duty if I bring a used TV from Qatar ? There is tax or is it free of cost ????

jaffer said...

Is it allowed 43"led in airport

Unknown said...


I am going back to India from UAE, as I have planned not to come back. But visa is still 6 more months valid.

I have planned to buy 43" UHD TV of any brand. How much Custom duty they charge in Indian airport?

If its more than 25k Indian rupees then only charges applicable or how is that?

Kindly let me know at the earliest.

Kindly reply to :mussanjes@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I have bought led 43inch in Kuwait cost of 80kd calculat indian money rs.17200 can any body tell me how much I will pay custom duty in Delhi airport please I am waiting friends.Thank you

Unknown said...

I bought wansa led 43inch in Kuwait cost 80kd and calculate indian money 17500 how much I will pay custom duty in Delhi airport..

Anonymous said...

i am planing to send LED 65" TV in USA is 2000$ which when converted to INR is 1,32,000/-. However if the same TV is available in Indian market for Rs 3,00,000/-, on what amount would the duty be applied i.e. Rs 1,32,000/- or Rs 3,00,000/-.

Unknown said...

Hall any body can help me I bought led to 55 inch in Dubai. Can I cary it in Indiana air lines from Dubai to .

Unknown said...

Hello can I cary New TV 55inch by Indian air lines from Dubai to India

Unknown said...

Is it allowed to carry drone camera to visakhapatnam? Request to answer my query ASAP....

LOVE said...

Hi sir
I am cancelling my visa and coming back to kerala for good. I am planning to bring my led 40inch TV which isb4 years old. So much tax should I pay for the tv

Thank you

sayed said...

what will be the customs duty if i bring 39" TIT LCD from Saudi Arabia

Hussain said...

Hi Mr. Dasari,

Can you please advise how you carried your 55" tv and how much customs you paid

mayank199325 said...

What if I bring a used LCD/LED monitor to india. What will the customs?
Do they differentiate between TV and monitor?
Will monitor be considered as part of personal computer?

Unknown said...

18000 rs

Anonymous said...

Hi i have led TV 48" how much I pay customs duty in India Delhi

Arvind said...

I want to take 40" LED Samsung UE40B7000 from Vienna to india, please let me know how much duty will I have to pay at Delhi airport?
Email: omsaishop@hotmail.com

kavita iyer said...

Hello, i have a 55 inch ultra hd tv which is BROKEN but is onluly 6 month old so i want to take it to india and try my luck to repair it how much customs will i be charged

ambrose said...

Dear Sir / Madam good morning,

I need a help that I need a clarification regarding customs. I want to brought 2 nos LED TV to india from Kuwait. It is possible to brought a single person 2 LED TV ? I can pay customs duty charge for this two tv. kindly advice me sir

playbackwafi said...

tnx to all, i have read all the comments, all r expressing their own experience, now m expressing my experience, in airport price is made on indian price only,original invoice from other country is valueless here, the custom officer is all in all here,so u have to pay the custom bill 100% sure on indian value of your tv

Unknown said...

I am relocating back to India with Transfer of Residence.
I am planning to buy a new 55 Inch LED TV and take via flight.
My Q's as below;
- Do I need to pay duty as this is TR for me ?
- If yes, then the duty would be applicable on COST price ( my buying price here in AED from Jumbo ) or the MRP in India
- If the TV is damaged , then can I claim insurance from Emirates Airlines ?
Ty very much for your replies in advance.

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