January 16, 2008

India Custom's Tariff

Baggage Definition The term "Baggage" is defined as "Baggage that includes unaccompanied baggage but does not include motor vehicles". A passenger (tourist) is required to comply with certain provisions of the Indian Customs Law. The owner of any baggage shall, for the purpose of clearing it make a declaration of its contents to the customs officer (no written declaration is needed and oral declaration is usually acceptable).

The rate of duty and tariff valuation, if any, applicable to the baggage shall be the rate and valuation in force on the date, on which a declaration is made in respect of such baggage. In respect of the goods personally brought in by the passengers it means approximately the retail price of the goods paid abroad (always carry the original invoice/bill to settle the disputes).
A tourist is a passenger....
  • Who is not normally a resident in India.
  • Who enters India for a stay of not more than six months in the course of any twelve months period for legitimate non-immigrant purposes, such as - touring, recreation, sports, health, family reasons, study, religious pilgrimage or business.

The prerequisites for treating any articles or goods as baggage is that they were in use of the passenger or were brought and paid for by the passenger.

Personal and household effects are treated as baggage and can be imported freely without any restriction as to the value of the goods. However they should be imported in reasonable quantities. Goods in commercial quantities may be allowed to be imported as baggage based on the merits of the case.

India is making a concerted effort to make the airport experience a better one than historically; this includes attempting to make immigration/emigration and customs procedures simpler and more friendly.

Check Thokalath.com's India Airport Customs Duty, Tariff & Tax for more Information


Gary Singh said...

My name is Gary Singh and I am living in California,US for last 2yrs 9 months and now I am planning
to move back to India for 1 to 2 yrs and I have a desktop computer, which I have been using for last
1yrs 6 months and at this time I can not sell it, so can you advise me which would be the easiest
way to bring my desktop computer to India. Should I ship it through FedEx or should I carry it with
me while travelling? If I ship it through FedEx where should I ship it to eg:Delhi FedEx office or
any place in Punjab and what is the procedure to receive that shipment in India? If I carry it with
me what is the procedyre that I will go through at the Airport?

Thanks and hope to hear back soon.

Bob said...

I am traveling to India in February '08 and will be staying for 5 months. I am having some of my
personal things shipped over via air freight. This will include 2 computers, a music keyboard, some
video equipment, a lcd tv, and some smaller items that I will use and take home with me when I
leave. I have a Tourist Visa. The total weight will be 150kg to 200kg. Will this cost me any port
fees, customs clearance, agency fees, taxes, duties? Also, I have a cat. Are there any restricions
for bringing cats into India. Thank you so much for the help.

Saha Paris said...

I am a researcher staying in Paris for more than one year. I bought a Sony digital camera more than
one year back and i paid tax over here during purchasing. I want to know when i go to India, do i
have to declare it to the customs? Last time inspite of showing the bill, they extracted money from
me, as i do not know the rule i could not do anything.
It will be very nice if you can tell me the rule.

Thanking you

Nano said...

Gary- I dont know about taking animals but sending electronics should be dutied at 5%. But I guess it may not be worth it because of the high cost of Fedex shipping.

Saha - The baggage allowance are very tolerable these days. I would suggest that you take your digital camer and just walk out of the Green Channel. No need to declare it or go to the Red Channel at all.

Esakkiappa said...

My name is Ramasamy.E From Abu Dhabi UAE. I want to bye a LCD TV here and take with me to India. If this with in the Duty Free Allowance any necessary to pay duty for LCD TV? Please Give me a reply. Thank you very much

Anonymous said...


Is it necessary that the original bill/invoice must be in the passengers name alone ? Could the same have an address of a relative in the US


gitesh said...

Dear Sir

I am student in Austalia .I am planning to visit India soon .I was wondering would I be able to take LCD tv via Air freight ,do i have to pay any duty if yes how much it would be .Would I be able to contact the authorities in the first place(Any contact No.).As I am returning to India after 2 yrs I am being told that you dont pay any duty if it for your personnal use.
I will be thankful if someone helps me out her


insha1 said...

I'm working here in Saudi Arabia for past 25 years and now time for me to return back for good on TR,

Could you pls suggest/advise me that I'm planning to bring my Toyota Corrola along,which is I'm using now for almost 10 months and bearing ownership under my name.

What the duties may apply ?

siva said...

we need to ship a testing machine from our Head office which is atlanta to India (Chennai).acn you pl's tell me the procedure .how this can be done .

samba said...

I am returning back to India after working in Dubai for 8 years.
How much baggage[Worth] is allowed to take back to India.
I want to take a LCD TV [42"] for personal usage.
Is there any tax for it?
Please reply.

Anonymous said...

My name is Amit and i have been living in UK for the past 2 and half years and have visited India 7months back.I am coming back to India permanently now,i need to bring my lcd tv,console box,DIY and some house hold items which i recently bought here.Do i have to make a declearation if i sent this items as unaccompanied baggages and do i need to oay any custom duty if yes how much $.could anyon please help me to answer this qiestions.

thank u

Remoaldo said...

dear Sir
I want to import an industrial product from Thailand, to be sold in India. Where can I find the importing tariffs for it?

Thank you

Victor said...

I'm having a small cassette player cum cd player worth AED 199.00 and want to bring to mumbai, do i have to pay any duty.

gitesh said...


No you don'thave to.
It should be alright.


Narayan said...

i plan to bring back home [bangalore] an LCD TV & home theater from singapore. These articles were purchased by my sisters family while in Mumbai & took them along while relcoating to Singapore.
Q1 : should i pay customs for these old articles which were originally purchased in india?
Q2 :what kind of documents should i carry or submit at customs@Bangalore to ensure i am not asked to pay?

monoo said...

Sir I want to know that ,How much quantity of pure gold ,(In terms of coins or biscuits )I can be carried when I will be arrived in India.
What are the punishable or taxable or beyond custom limits,( Unto what limit I can bring gold or gold ornaments in India )
And up to what size and prize of electronics items I could be carry with me when I returned to India after one year
Please reply me on mohhanmane@gmail.com

Suresh said...

Technically you should not be paying any duty for the TV and Home Theatre, if you can provide the customs officer with a receipt, proving that it was purchased in India earlier. Hopefully, the receipt would carry the serial number of the items which should be proof enough.

lakshmi said...


I want to take with me an LCD TV from USA to INDIA. I have only one check-in baggage. Can I carrry this TV additionally ? Do the airpot guys in usa and india allow. Please let me know the issues in carrying.

plz mail me at suresh.gudla@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I landed on the sick chennai airport. with my 32 inch TV and my personal camera. Those a------- charged me Rs 27,500 as duty, for my personal camera, that I will take back with me in 5 days when I leave India. This is with a receipt, else pay Rs 10000, to leave the place with your belongings else they belong to the customs. What would you do?

At that time i do not know the rule that, any gadget you will carry back from India can be stamped in your passport, so when you leave India it has to be taken with you else you need to pay the duty.

I had no choice than to pay Rs.10000. What is the Indian government and vigilence doing out there. Are you with them. How come these customs officers have hell a lot of money and property all over the country? What is public media doing? Don't you care. We have already posted a compliant to the vigelance and the press, no action taken till now... Is this the fate of INDIA or Passengers? Even a helper in the airport ask for money to put your baggage/TV from the belt to the floor, you guys can go out there and beg. What is this nonsense in my mother land. Im really ashamed of this. What do a foreigner think about this...


zenith said...

I want to take with me an LCD TV from Dubai to INDIA. I have only one check-in baggage. Can I carrry this LCD TV additionally ? Do the airpot guys in india allow. Please let me know the issues in carrying.

plz mail me at kap_zenith@yahoo.co.in

phantom said...

I have intended to import few toy guns for starting arcade games, would that attract tariff,if so how much. Is there any concession for business. Any help would be highly appreciated.


Ram, Dubai said...

My name is Ram, from Dubai. My family is shifting to India and my wife has some gold jewelleries bought over a period of last 10 years. I would like to upto what value can be carried by her and what is the custom duty if this value is exceeded. Please note that she is still a resident of UAE.

Please reply at ramaswamy8@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

My name is Vamshi. I live in Australia. I am visiting my parents in Hyderabad. I want to bring a new LCD TV to India valued at $2000 Singapore currency. My baggage limit is 60 kg and I will be carrying only 35-40 Kg. How much tax do I have to pay at customs in Hyderabad?

Please Email me at vamshi_r10@hotmail.com


Davinder said...

Hi my name is davinder and i am working abroad and coming for a short vacation to India. I want to bring a normal chinese brand LCD TV 32 inch which costed me Rs 12000and was purchased and used by me abroad for the past three month. I have the invoice for the same and want to know can i go through green channel directly with the TV or should i go through customs as the purchase amount is within my Rs 25,000 limit. Please advice. Also let me know as to what would be the duty and of what amount. I would be carring the TV invoice with me.

Davinder said...

hi my name is davinder I am working abroad and would be visiting India on vacation. I have bought a LCD 32 inch TV of approx Rs 12000 three months back and using it. I want to bring that TV with me. Please advice should i take the same along with me through green channel at delhi airport as the price is less than the Rs 25000 allowance or should i go through the customs.
secondly what would be the duty amount if any and what is the duty rate applicable on this.

Devi Rajshri Menon said...

Hey There!

I was searching for a place to voice a complaint on the cochin postal appraisal customs . I mailed my mothers blood pressure and glucose(sugar) monitor - paid quite a bit of money for it - and unfortunately customs has a hold of it. They mailed their 10 day deadline letter on 17th of April, 2010 and by the time it reached my mom and then me , it was 4th May, 2010.

I barely have time to call - and they specifically say, they have to get written stoppage-- what do i do if i lose my mom's medical supplies? Can I get justice done some place?

Devi Rajshri Menon said...

My email: devi.rajshri@gmail.com

If you do know of a number/forum I can contact - do email me .Thanks a lot!

garg.ankur87 said...

Mr Dinesh,

I do not see a clear indication in your argument. Isnt it our fault as well when we choose to take the easy route to pay 10k instead of the rules. In your case you didn't know about the regulations and ended up paying the money the wrong way. Why on Earth, did you choose to resort to unethical means when you did not approve of them. So this is a case of a two-sided misconduct and people who resort to paying money stand equally at guilt. Why should Indian media or the government take your side when you were equally a part of the offense.

I agree that this is wrong but blaming the "motherland" doesn't help. And the conception of what would a foreigner think is not completely true. Every country has problems, and they differ regionally. As in does the US think, what foreigners would think when they put in place ridiculous measures. Why do you never ask the person in the States to help you in getting your TV off the conveyor belt. Because you know that the guy in India will do it, because of the NRI syndrome. Dont take me wrong, I am on your end for your issue against corruption but you need to get the point right as well, before blaming. Think about it.

Best Regards

P.S. I am neither a government official nor related to any. I am a fellow non resident as you are.

Sakina said...

I want to take with me an LCD TV from Kuwait to INDIA. I have only one check-in baggage. Can I carrry this LCD TV additionally ? Is i have to pay any duty for this.

Please send me reply on yusuf_kw@yahoo.com

Amalan said...


I am Amal, on 30 days before I came to Denmark for the official visit. From here I wish to purchase and bring the new 40" LCD tv to India. Can you pl. inform me the duty to be paid at Airport.


Anonymous said...

I would like to take a 42 inch plasma TV from Sharjah to Coimbatore.Is this size permitted by the airlines (Air Arabia)? Would there be a customs duty on it? And if so, how much/ Thanks.

ashik said...

HI My self ash, well i been living in uk since 3 yrs. inbetween i have visited india twice. and i m indian resident. I wanna bring 42" lcd tv with me during my next trip 2 india. so i m quite confused about the custom duty and how can i clear the customs for the tv...if i hv 2 pay custom duty then how much do i have 2 pay.. my lcd cost me over 50,000 INR.

dar said...

I want to take with me an LCD TV 32"from Qatar to INDIA. I have only one check-in baggage and my personal Laptop. Can I carry this LCD TV additionally ? Please let me know the issues in carrying and about airport duty.Please reply through my e-mail.

Thanks & Regards

Souvick said...


I will be carrying two laptops while I will returning from USA to India(Kolkata). One I bought from India, and I have the bill with me. Can still I have to pay duty on customs?

Souvick said...

I will be travelling back to India from USA, I will be carrying two laptop of the sametime. One I bought from India and I have the bill with me and other I purchased from USA recently.
Do I have pay duty on customs?

rajesh said...

32" LCD TV doesnot attract any custom duty, since the value abroad is less than 25000

raju said...

i do have plans to take 32'' LED TV worth less then $600 to india ( to mumbai ), I have seen several postings but less responses, so please share your experience and views on below items.

1. how much custom duty i need to pay if value is less then $600.
2. Do customs in india evaluate the LED TV against value in india or the price at which i brought it ?
3. does the original receipt is required to justify the cost.

pls send me your views to raju_nandagiri@yahoo.co.in

Anonymous said...

I am getting a 40Inch LCD tv from Adu dhabi.......can i knw much duty i have to pay at the Indian airport???its value in India is approx 57k!

Sherveen said...

I want to take a 40" LED TV at Delhi airport costing INR 42000. I stayed abroad more than 6 months. Will you please let me know how much custom I'll have to pay?

Anonymous said...

1. No customs duty if it is less than 25000 INR.
2. No price comparision will be done in airport if you provide them the receipt or bill.
3. Original bill is must.

almost all airlines do not charge any thing for 32" TV as its size is in acceptable limits.
37" and more are exceeding the size and most of the airlines are not accepting. Check with them before you travel with 37" or 40" tv.

supriya dhar said...

hi... i live in dubai.. my parents are visiting here and want to take some small furniture back to india from ikea..is there duty applicable at the Delhi international airport for carrying furniture ??

Anonymous said...

My Name is Sunil & I am planning to get an XBOX 360 worth 325 pounds (Approx INR 24000/-)from UK to India. I need to know that if any sort of duty is payable when I return back to India on this value? If yes, how much?

Purushu said...

I am returning back to India after working in Abu Dhabi for 20 years.
How much baggage[Worth] is allowed to take back to India.
I wanted to transport my used car to India for for personal usage. How much custom duty I have to pay?

Please mail me on my Id.

Anonymous said...

My name is Suresh. i live in UK from 2 years and i have recently send my xbox 360 to india through parcel force courier service 3 weeks back. when i call to the courier customer service they told that "ur courier was in mumbai customs u need to speek them" what i have to do now??? please give me advice!!! whom i have to contact????

pavankumar said...


My name is pavan kumar.. i am planning to take 40inch LED tv from singapore to india.. can any one tel me how much needs to be paid for customs duty in india..
please send any info regarding this to pavannie@gmail.com it would be great help

Balamani said...

Dear sir,
I want to know how much of gold and silver i can carry without paying any duty .And can i carry gold and silver biscuits ? Do i have to pay any duty if i hav to carry 1 kg biscuit?

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
After going through the blog it appears that there is lack of knowledge regarding Indian import custom rules and regulations & later you start blaming the officials saying they harras & are corrupt. Rather the custom officials are more liberal now, if they follow rules then no one will get through the green channel and lot of them may even be punished.
To make the things simple one thing every one has to know is that "there is nothing you can carry free without paying customs duty other than your personal items which are basic daily necessities like tooth paste and shaving cream". Lot of items have limitations even after paying the customs duty and lot of them banned from importing. List of these things can be found on the official website. What ever the free allowance of Rs.25K which is allowed will cover your so called personal items which according to law is not. So be prepared to pay an average custom duty @36% in general, there are different rates for different items. It is better to carry the receipt with you for the items you are carrying other wise they with calculate on that days price for that item.
If you come out of the green channel without paying anything then thank the custom officials for doing a favour on you and their liberal attitude.
1. You can carry LCD TV, if that is the only item you are carrying then deduct Rs 25K from the total cost of TV and for rest of the ammount you have to pay duty at 36%. 32 inch is OK but bigger than that is difficult.
2. Carry gold in the form of bars or coins measured in grams and not tola with the receipt, this will save lot of duty. You will be charged duty @Rs. 300 per 10gm + 3%Edu cess and you can carry upto 10 kgs. If you carry plain gold ornament you will be charged @Rs. 750 per 10gm. Pearls and stone studded ornaments ar banned.
3. When you are leaving India and carrying gold or any electronic item from India obtain a certificate from customs for those items. If you dont have a certificate and when you return back carrying these items, the customs officials have all the right to charge for these items. You may try to claim it as your personal item which you carried along with you but you have to be lucky to get out of this(Oh my god you had a Indian bill for that purchased item!!!!).
"There are strict custom rules but they are not enforced rigidly". "Follow rules & be safe".
If you dont want to declare and pay the full custom duty then there is always a short cut by paying bribe which happens at every custom exit point. Then dont blame the custom officials as currupt because you are currupt, no one is stopping you from paying custom duty.
Custom duty is to safe gaurd Indian industry & economy from colapsing. What ever availabe outside is available in India at reasonable price, go and buy it in India and save Indian economy.
.......From a responsible NRI.

Anonymous said...

I am nada from Saudi Arabia. I bought about 5 silver rings and some antique stuff. Can I go back home without being questioning in the air port? If so what shall I do?

Can I get the answer at my mail emaaan333@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

hi I am moving to India with my children and sending some carton by air freight. I wan wondering if I can send medicines in the cartons which are basically creams for my son's skin. thank you. Shivanis

Unknown said...

i am studying in US on student visa and i am visiting India this Christmas so i want to know that whether i can carry "Tools kit" to India or not and if i can how much duty i need to pay in India.
thanks hope ll get reply soon.

venkat said...


Can i carry more than one music system, please note the value of item is less than INR 25000.

Anonymous said...

i am planning to go india by next month from dubai to india(chennai)..so i am planning to buy two electronics item one is Sony LED 32inch price 2499Dhs and another one is sony home thearte Price 1100Dhs..it is possible to bring two electronics item...how much i need to pay in custom duty at chennai airport.
Mail me : rajapeace84@gmail.com

Thousif Ali said...

I do have plans to take 32'' LED TV to india ( to chennai ), I have seen several postings but less responses, so please share your experience and views on below items.

1. how much custom duty i need to pay if value is less then Qatar(Qr 1700/.
2. Do customs in india evaluate the LED TV against value in india or the price at which i brought it ?
3. does the original receipt is required to justify the cost.

pls send me your views to thousif55@gmail.com

Thousif Ali said...

I do have plans to take 32'' LED TV to india ( to chennai ), I have seen several postings but less responses, so please share your experience and views on below items.

1. how much custom duty i need to pay if value is less then Qatar(Qr 1700/.
2. does the original receipt is required to justify the cost.

pls send me your views to thousif55@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

me and my wife are returning back to India after 10months.We are planning to purchase 50inch LCD TV costing £500 (INR 40K) in UK.As both of us are travelling will this amount be excempted from duty considering INR 25K for each of us i.e INR 50K?

Anonymous said...

I am planning to visit India after 6.5 years from US. I am traveling with my wife and kids.
I am carrying following items
1) 2 Laptops - I will be taking back both of them. One is Office laptop and the other is the laptop I use at home in US.
2) One Digital SLR camera - I will be taking back to US.
3) One HD Camcorder - I will be taking back to US.
4) One iPad 2 - I will be leaving this item in India for my parents.
Please let me know If I have to pay any duty when I arrive in Bangalore.
Laptops and Cameras I am taking back to US.
If they can enter these items (make a note ) in my passport then when I am returning to US from India I can show the passport entry and Items.
Then I do not have to pay any duty. I will pay duty for the iPad 2 only. which will be cost of iPad - 50000.
Is my assumption correct.
Ganesh Bhatt

Raj 78 said...

Hi, I bought a 42 inch LED TV ( Brand Name SULY which is made in Oman ) for Riyal Omani 189 ( equivalent to INR 23625) . As such, I wish to take it to India - Kerala. Will I be charged any duty for this? If so, kindly advice me what will be the charge and any other advice which can be sorted out.

mohdniyas said...

I do have plans to take 32'' LED TV to india ( to chennai ), I have seen several postings but less responses, so please share your experience and views on below items.

1. how much custom duty i need to pay if value is less then Qatar(Qr 1700/.
2. Do customs in india evaluate the LED TV against value in india or the price at which i brought it ?
3. does the original receipt is required to justify the cost.

pls send me your views to mohdniyaskp786@gmail.com

Devi said...


I bought a sharp aquos lc42d69u 42-inch lcd HDTV 1080p 14 months ago. We are planning to move to India soon. Want to know the shipping, customs cost that I have to pay...

Thanks and hope to hear back soon

Anonymous said...

I have an old used Sony playstation psp3 with 60 GB bought in 2007. I have the warranty card for it which expired in may 2008. I don't have the bill. Will I have to pay duty for it? If so how much?

Indian said...

Im comin back to India from Angola and i wanted to know if I can carry ladies leather handbags with me in my baggage, but I dont know what skin they are made of. I have 4 Nos. of handbags. Will there be any problem and what could be done?
Please help.

Anonymous said...

I am an Indian who acquired British Citizenship on 2007 after living in UK for 5 years following my wedding. I got divorced recently and would like to relocate back to India to stay with my parents. Since I brought all my golds (ornaments) from India to UK following my marriage, I would like to know how I can take them back to India while I relocate. Unfortunately, I do not have purchase receipt or customs declaration provided by India customs for these . I currently hold OCI and would really appreciate your feed back and advise on this.

zaffar said...

Hello,,,My name is Zaffar and i was coming back from Turkey to india with my Laptop,extenal Hard drive,digital camera two pair shoes and my used clothes,,on ariving Delhi the custum officers told me to open my baggage and said that i am a very rich man and i am carrying costly things (it was only to make me down)after argueing the said that i should pay 17000 rupees duty for the things,unluckyly i had aconnecting flight to Jammu from domestic airport and had no time ,,after a long discusssion they said if i pay 10,000 rupees they will let me go ,as i put my hands in my pocket they said that everywhere are cameras fitted ,i should go into the toilet and some one will come there and i should give it to him.
Tis is OUR GOVERNMENT and our OFFICERS and our CORRECTOR,,are we in a position to say (mera bharat mahaan) ???
India is reallly a corrupt Country and unluckyly i am a citizen of India

Anonymous said...

I will be flying to India from Europe and I have bought some bottles of cheap wine that amounts to (1 case = 9 liters). Will the charges be per bottle or case. A reply will be very much appreciated.

Naveen Raju said...

The Current Duty for 55" LED TV in chennai airport india.

Samsung LED TV 55" - series 7 is duty chargeable.

The base value they keep for this model is RS 75,000/- Free allowance is RS 35,000/- so need to pay tax for RS 40,000/- @ 36 % duty comes to RS 14,400/- (This is what i payed on FEB 2013)

LED TV size 40" comes under no duty, any size above 40" is duty chargeable.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take 32" tv. Value £300. How much tax i should pay. If i take 28". Do i still pay tax

praveenkumar karthi said...

I would like to carry a 48" Screen from Sharjah to Coimbatore through Air Arabia flight, let me know the procedure for this, also let me know how much I have to pay a tax on customs

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