India Custom Duty on Alcoholic Beverages

India Custom Duty on Alcoholic Beverages
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India Custom Duty on Alcoholic Beverages

Free Allowance on Alcoholic drinks

How many liquor bottles allowed to carry from abroad ?

Alcoholic liquor or wines upto 2 litres can be bought to India without paying duty.

Alcoholic drinks and Tobacco products imported in excess of the free allowance are charged to duty at the rates applicable to their commercial imports and not at the usual baggage duty rate. 


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Today, we're diving into an exciting and perhaps slightly intoxicating topic: India's custom duty on alcoholic beverages. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine wines, a lover of aged whiskies, or simply intrigued by the complex world of import duties, you're in for a treat. Let's unravel the intricacies of India's custom duty system and how it affects your favorite spirits, ensuring you're well-informed for your next international purchase or visit to this vibrant country.

A Toast to Understanding: The Basics of Custom Duty

Custom duty, in essence, is a tax levied on imports (and sometimes exports) by a country's customs authorities. It's a way to regulate the flow of goods across borders, affecting the price of imported items, including alcoholic beverages. India, with its vast population and diverse culture, has specific regulations and duties that directly impact the cost and availability of imported alcoholic drinks.

What is the customs duty for alcohol in India? 

Stirring the Pot: India's Custom Duty on Alcoholic Beverages

India's approach to custom duty on alcoholic beverages is as rich and complex as the beverages themselves. The duty structure is designed to protect local producers, regulate consumption, and generate revenue. It involves a blend of basic customs duty, additional customs duty, and other taxes that can significantly increase the retail price of imported alcoholic drinks.

Basic Customs Duty (BCD): This is the primary layer of tax applied to imported goods, including alcoholic beverages. The BCD on alcoholic drinks can be quite high, reflecting the government's policy to encourage local production.


Additional Customs Duty (ACD)/Countervailing Duty (CVD): ACD or CVD is imposed to counterbalance the excise duty that local products attract, creating a level playing field between imported and domestic goods.


Goods and Services Tax (GST): On top of the BCD and ACD, imported alcoholic beverages are also subject to GST, further influencing the final cost.


Health Cess, Social Welfare Surcharge, and Other Levies: Depending on the type and origin of the alcoholic beverage, additional cesses and surcharges can apply, adding another layer to the overall duty structure.

Navigating the High Seas: How It Affects You

The multifaceted duty structure on alcoholic beverages in India means that the price of imported drinks can be significantly higher than in their countries of origin. This has several implications:

  • For Travelers: If you're visiting India and plan to bring a bottle or two of your favorite liquor, it's crucial to be aware of the duty-free allowances and the potential costs if you exceed these limits.


  • For Importers and Retailers: Understanding the duty implications is essential for pricing strategies and inventory selection, balancing between offering a diverse range of international spirits and maintaining competitive pricing.


    For Consumers: While the high duties may limit the accessibility of certain international brands, they also encourage the exploration of India's burgeoning local craft spirits industry, which is producing some exceptional beverages.

The Spirit of Inquiry: Keeping Informed

As the landscape of international trade and taxation is ever-evolving, staying updated on the latest duty structures and regulations is key. Whether you're a casual enthusiast or a professional in the industry, keeping an eye on official announcements and changes in the duty rates can help you navigate the complex world of alcoholic beverage imports in India.

Cheers to Knowledge!

Navigating India's custom duty on alcoholic beverages may seem daunting at first, but armed with the right information, it opens up a world of understanding and appreciation for the art of spirits. Whether you're toasting with a locally distilled gin or savoring an imported single malt, being informed enhances your enjoyment and respect for each sip. Let's raise our glasses to a deeper understanding and a spirited exploration of the world of alcoholic beverages in India. Stay curious, and keep exploring!

Remember, dear readers, this journey through the customs and excitements of alcoholic beverage importation in India is just the beginning. Keep checking back for more insights and updates, and as always, drink responsibly and savor every drop of knowledge along the way! Cheers!


Unknown said...



S.Hirebidari said...

As per rule the permissible limit of liquor is two liters.Does it permit more than two bottles if their quantity is well within the permissible limit, what about the opened and unconsumed liquor.

Anonymous said...

What about Beer? what quantity of beer can be taken?

Anonymous said...

Hi sir i am coming next month to i just want to ask u can i bring 5ltr of vodka with this case will u people let me go without pay any duty.....plzz let me know this sir

any said...

i just want to ask, can we buy extra alcohol in duty-free , at airport on arrival. do i still have to pay duty free on them or we can buy any quantity. before exit the airport.

sachin said...

Although U said it..bit 2 days back I paid custom duty on 2 ltr liq. which were from duty free wine shop..
jai ho mumbai airport authority..
they treat simple man as lyk thief.

Anonymous said...

I paid tax on duty free liquor....jai ho mumbai airport authority...its happen only in india...

Unknown said...

i have imported 2case of wine with my IEC through Postal appraisal department from the officers are saying we cant ship wine bottle through airpost already i have done the same thing with airpost nothing append at tat time...any suggestion regarding my query....

Anonymous said...

The Indian Customs Department is Filled with goona and thieves. You'll have to grease a lotta palms, to get through.
Also, the Customs Duty rates need to be revised. These rates are archaic and unreasonable.

Avnish Patankar said...

Bringing liquor at Ahmedabad airport

I would be landing in India at Mumbai airport, and from there I would be catching a domestic flight to Ahmedabad. Question is - if i bring upto 2 litres of liquor from Malaysia, it will be through the Customs in Mumbai. But can i bring it to Ahmedabad? Will there be any issues?

Please advice.

pk said...

What about Beer? what quantity of beer can be taken?

Anonymous said...

Two bottle allow child passport also?

Unknown said...

Anybody, will u help me to give some imformation...!!!
How many bottles of wine , will i carry to go bangladesh from road with ma passport..
Actually i wana to know baggage rule of indian immigration and custom. ..... so plz help me guys. In ma whatsapp. . +918513020058

Unknown said...

Hellow guys can u help me plz... i wana to go bangladesh next week, so how many liq/wine bottles taken with me by ma passport. . Which is not any issu by indian custom & immigration. ...accatuly i wana to know BAGGAGE RULES OF INDIAN CUSTOM AND IMMIGRATION .....thank u all....

utkal diwan said...

I am living in Ghana since 2 years. can I take 2 liters whisky ? If I travel to surat , is there any issue ? I travel Mumbai to surat by train ? can they stop me carrying whisky by train ?

GB said...

I am travelling to India with my wife and two children (10 & 5 yr old) Are we allowed to carry 8 litres of liquor?

Suresh patel said...

Hi sir i am coming next month to i just want to ask u can i bring how many bear cans with me. Plez let me know this sir

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