January 16, 2008

Prohibited and Restricted Goods

India Customs Prohibited Items

The term “Prohibited Goods” has been defined in sub-section 33 of Section 2 of the Customs Act as meaning “any goods the import or export of which is subject to any prohibition under the Customs Act or any other law for the time being in force”

Travelling to India with Drone

Taking LCD TV to India : Indian Custom Duty on LCD TV

Toy Helicopters Ban
Recently 6,000 toy helicopters confiscated from passengers over the last two years.

Certain goods are prohibited (banned) or restricted (subject to certain conditions) for import and/or export.  These are goods of social, health, environment, wild life and security concerns. Some of them are listed below:  

Prohibited Goods
  • Satellite Phone
  • Antiquities 
  • Wild life products
  • Human skeleton
  • Specified sea-shells
  • Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Pornographic and obscene material
  • Counterfeit and pirated goods and goods infringing any of the legally enforceable intellectual property rights
  • Aero models (such as remote controlled toy helicopters) that operate on high radio bandwidths because of their
  • possible interference with the communication networks of security agencies.
  • Indian coins which are covered by the Antique and Art Treasure Act, 1972.
  • Maps and literature where Indian external boundaries have been shown incorrectly, in view of Government of India.
  • Chemicals mentioned in Schedule 1 to the Chemical Weapons Convention of U.N. 1993.
  • Beef, tallow, fat/oil of animal origin
  • Exotic birds except a few specified ones
  • Wild animals, their parts and products
  • Specified Live birds and animals
Restricted Goods
  • Drones
  • Medicines and drugs
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Live birds and animals including pets
  • Plants and their produce e.g. fruits, seeds            
  • Endangered species of plants and animals, whether live or dead.  
  • Any goods for commercial purpose: for profit, gain or commercial usage.            
  • Radio transmitters not approved for normal usage            
  • Gold and Silver, other than ornaments (for import only)           
  • Currency in excess of prescribed limits
  • Telephone and telephony equipments of restricted frequencies
  • Certain Animals - Camel, Horses, Cattle
  • Semi processed hides and skins
  • Silk worms, silk worm seeds and cocoons
  • Family Planning Devices (NOC from Ministry of Health Required)
  • Vintage products, replicas of antiques or weapons
  • Sand and soil
  • Whole human blood plasma and certain products derived from human blood
  • Sandal-wood (except handicraft products & oil)

Import and export of some specified goods may be restricted/ prohibited under other laws such as Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, Foreign Trade Policy Environment Protection Act, Wild Life Act, Indian Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, Arms Act, etc. Prohibition under those acts will also apply to the penal provisions of the Customs Act, rendering such goods liable to confiscation under section 111(d) of the Customs Act (for import) and 113 (d) of the Customs Act (for export).

Export of most species of wild life and articles made from flora and fauna such as Ivory, Musk, Reptile skins, Furs, Shahtoosh etc. is prohibited. For any clarifications passenger should approach the Regional Deputy Director (Wildlife Preservation) Govt. of India or the Chief Wildlife Wardens of State Governments posted at Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Prohibition on Export of Indian coins :-
No person shall take or send out of India the Indian coins which are covered by the Antique and Art Treasure Act, 1972.

Prohibition on export and import of foreign currency :-
Except as otherwise provided in these regulations, no person shall, without the general or special permission of the Reserve Bank, export or send out of India, or import or bring into India, any foreign currency.

Whenever planning to bring or take any unusual item please enquire about its permissibility for export or import before undertaking the journey. It’s a smart move to do so from both ports, exit and destination so that to ensure that you are inconformity with laws of both countries.

Export and import of currency to or from Nepal and Bhutan :-

Notwithstanding anything contained in these regulations, a person may –

  • take or send out of India to Nepal or Bhutan, currency notes of Government of India and Reserve Bank of India notes (other than notes of denominations of above Rs.100 in either case) ;
  • bring into India from Nepal or Bhutan, currency notes of Government of India and Reserve Bank of India notes (other than notes of denominations of above Rs.100 in either case) ;
  • take out of India to Nepal or Bhutan, or bring into India from Nepal or Bhutan, currency notes being the currency of Nepal or Bhutan.


sidhraj said...

Exotic birds except a few specified ones

which birds are allowed,from dubai to cochin
i have pegions 2 pairs
chukar patridges 2 pairs
please send replay
thanks and regards
sidhiq valiyara

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, Iam a citizen of India and resident of Dubai. I have a German made Air riffle since long. I want to carry it to india. This is a non-fire arm. Can I carry it to India? My father already have a licensed 12bore Gun. Please reply.

Anonymous said...

I will arrive in India on Dec.26. Our tour requires us to pay $250 cash (not traveler's checks) in dollars (not the equivalent in rupees) upon arrival. No, we cannot send it ahead, use a credit card, etc. Yet we are not permitted to being any foreign currency into India. What is the secret of obeying the law and being able to join our tour?

India tour books I've been reading say hotels, expensive restaurants, etc. require payment in foreign currency, not rupees, not credit cards. How is that done? Are there ATMs inside India that dispense dollars, euros, etc.?

Anonymous said...

hi sir, can we bring botteled (closed) protein shake mix for working out if coming from canada

Anonymous said...

i will be coming from australia with my wife and two kids. The age of my kids are 10 and 6.
so i want to know How much is my limit per person to carry the things eg cameras and gift items?
please tell me in detail.

swati said...

Sir, I am moving back to India ( from US). I wish to carry my jwellery (Gold and diamond) to India, which was orginaly bought in India. Do I need to pay custom duty on bringing it back? at the time of coming to US, it was'nt required for me to get those added to my passport, so it has no such record.
I am an Indian citizen and am coming back on a one way ticket.

shyamkant M said...

Can we take a souvenir sword to india via airport?

fary said...

Dear Sir, Iam a citizen of India and resident of Dubai. I have a German made Air riffle since long. I want to carry it to india. This is a non-fire arm. Can I carry it to India? I already have a licensed NP bore rifle. Please reply.

Anonymous said...

Can I bring vegetable seeds in store bought packets into india please??

Anonymous said...

Can I bring vegetable seeds into india that are in store bought packets. thanks

Anonymous said...

Do I need paper work if I am only carrying notebook internal hardrive for replacement in US Plaese reply.

dinesh said...

sir, i have bought alloyed wheel for my car. iam gona bring this wheel from saudi to india. can i bring this with me? or a customs will not allow me?


Anonymous said...


Can i get 8 watches which i bought for my family back in india

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
can i take like 15 bottles of perfumes with me in my main baggage?

Steve Hoge said...

Is it possible to receive medicines via the post from foreign countries?

We would like to be able to order malaria medications that are not available in India from UK pharmacies.

However, we can't tell if they will be passed through customs successfully.

Any ideas?

Ruchi said...


Would like to enquire whether I can ship long life lactose free milk from UK to new delhi, around 30-40 one litre packs for my own consumption.

appletreeproductgroup said...

I am a US national living in the USA.

I would like to have cartons of bath & beauty products from a China manufacturer to an order fulfillment house in India, for the purpose of online retail sales.

Is this allowed by Customs?

rahulmr said...

I am planning to take a home theatre and a blueray player from us to india which will cost around 450 $ (21000approx).
So i will have the bill of amazon.com for 450$.
What my doubt is that if the same stuff costs around 35K in india then which will be taken for the duty calculation.
Whether the 450$(21000) or 35000 rs.
Please help me ?

monoo said...

Sir I want to know that ,How much quantity of pure gold ,(In terms of coins or biscuits )I can be carried when I will be arrived in India.
What are the punishable or taxable or beyond custom limits,( Upto what limit I can bring gold in India )
And up to what size and prize of electronics items I could be carry with me when I returned to India after one year
Please reply me on mohhanmane@gmail.com

kartik said...

how much silver jewlleries can i take out of india??is there any duty i have to pay? pls reply in details..

Anonymous said...

we are citizens of India residing in Dubai. Can we Bring with us a 40" LCD TV from Dubai as we are coming to India on a transfer of residence, cancelling our UAE visas and will it be taxable.
we would appreciate your response to rpmalali@hotmail.com

thanks and regards.

Anonymous said...

Can we Bring with us a 40" LCD TV from Dubai as we are coming to India on a transfer of residence, cancelling our UAE visas and will it be taxable.
we would appreciate your response to rpmalali@hotmail.com

thanks and regards.

Anonymous said...

HI i am in canada for the past 4 months and owuld be here for another 2 months ..

i am plannig nto carry an LED tv 47 inches from here which i bought ad used it ..

How do i carry it bac khoem to india and what is the tax in need ot pay tpo teh customs ..PLs reply to santoshmyit@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


I will be leaving to india soon, and wanted to know if its ok to carry pleasure toys, and many of these toys are legal in india, and many times prescribed by doctors.

pankaj said...

i am a citizen of India and going to US for a long vacations.
so i want to know that what products can i carry with me without any custom department interference.
plz rply me on pankaj_aquarius17@yahoo.in

thanks and regards
Pankaj Aggarwal

vishal said...


i would like to import car from usa to india, so can u please tell me how much is the exice duty that i will have to pay on it?

rajasekaran said...

sir i am carrying 40 inch LCD from Doha Qatar its possible any duty i want to pay for it

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,
I heard that you cannot bring pillows bigger than a certain size into india? I am moving to India from USA and I want to bring my down pillow with me, but I heard there are restrictions.
Please reply to robert.andy29@yahoo.com. Thank you very much!

Kenri said...

Hello, I just stumbled upon this site by chance while googling on restricted import goods and customs rules.
I am totally unaware about a lot of things about customs and this forum looks like it can answer a very important question of mine. I hope you can help me...
I am a new retailer and I want to import hi-fashion clothes, shoes (not leather), bags (not leather), beauty products, light metal/ plastic fashion jewelery/ accessories, watches and maybe few electronics for my new shop from China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA. So I was wondering if any of my stated goods comes under restricted items and also will I be charged customs duty when I receive my parcels and how will I be charged (ex: who will charge me and whether on per carton's weight wise).
I live in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh and I don't know if there's a Customs Office here at all....

I am just nervous...I don't want to pay so much on import duty and shipping because ultimately that would affect the cost of my products in the shop which maybe a lot for my customers.
Any answer will be helpful and may lead me to more knowledge on import and export rules...So kindly help me on this.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

can i carry a lcd monitor (which m using it ) from india to nepal??

Touchmenot said...

I am an Indian and from Kerala working in Kuwait. I want to take an AIR RIFFLE (DIANA BRAND)with me. Is it possible? Or to whom i have to contact for more information?
Thanking you

Tom said...

I am an Indian, from Kerala working in Kuwait. I like to take an Air Riffle (DIANA BRAND) with me in my luggage. Is it possible? or what should i do to take it with me? Expecting your valuable advise.
Thanks in advance
Yours faithfully

sasha said...

Is Feng Shui 'Lucky' Bamboo allowed from Mumbai Int'l Airport to bring in Kathmandu (Nepal)?
Waiting for reply

Naveen Kr. Gupta said...


I am flying in India only, from delhi to bangalore.

I want to know that following items i can carry with me or not.

Desktop (TFT Monitor & CPU)
Household utensils

my email id is nvngpt31@gmail.com

Please reply me the solution or tell me the way from where i can get the information.

Thank You,

Anonymous said...

I am currently in Dubai and I am planning to buy an LED tv 42 inches from here which intend to take for my home in India.

How do i carry it back home to india and what is the tax in need to pay to the customs ..Pls reply to jyotiii.sharma@gmail.com

Karthik said...

I am currently in Dubai and I am planning to buy an LED tv 32 inches from here which intend to take for my home in India.

How do i carry it back home to india and what is the tax in need to pay to the customs ..Pls reply to karthik.bnvro@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


Can we Bring with us a 40" LCD TV from Dubai as we are coming to India on a transfer of residence, cancelling our UAE visas and will it be taxable.
we would appreciate your response to ramyapalaniswamy@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

i want to know how much tobacco and in which form can i carry with me or my freinds can acarry from outside to india.

secondly how much gold one can carry out and a foreigner can carry in.

plz reply to somani_pinky21@yahoo.co.in or rm.somani@evonik-es.in

Anonymous said...

HI I am an Indian and resident in norway.I am coming for a vacation to India,can I bring a seal skin or reindeer skin to india,which we can buy in norway easily.They are processed skins for commercial selling.

Anonymous said...

as written in your customs rules we can not carry any foreign currencies, can please explain how would i pay to customs officer in airport which is asked for nothing or anything? before making rigorous laws please make our officers honest & preserve the system uncorrupted, being an Indian i fell ashamed of it...

avijit said...

Exotic birds except a few specified one...

I m Avijit from Kolkata(India).which birds r allowed?sir my some friends stay in Debai and Bangkok.do i import 4m there some pigeons and exotic birds in india and from pakistan can i import some small exotic birds in kolkata(India)?I m waiting for ur reply?plz reply.



Anonymous said...

i am moving back from australia and i have gun from more than 1 yr, make is shotgun 12 gauge, but i dont have indian licence, i there any way i bring this firearm back to india,

faizal said...

am plan to go india this month,can i take the water cooler for which i want to pay custom duty on airport.
please reply uppava@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

sir,i like to import african grey parrot in india.is it legal?

Anonymous said...

i want carry 37" lcd tv advise me about duty

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I am carrying a herbal medicine called "hair essentials" to India from US.(http://www.naturalwellbeing.com/products/hair-growth?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=hair-essentials-male-lp) Can i take this medicine with me? since its herbal i do not have any prescription for this.


sharfudeen said...

Sir , Iam a birds Breeders in Chennai, now i would like to import few Birdds from Cameroon ,why i woild like to import from Cameroon means i got a prices cheap there thats the reason .I would like to import the BIRDS like : MACAWS, COCKATOOS , CONGO AFRICAN GREY , AMAZONS , TOUCANS , TOUCOS ,So pls let me know the details .And let me know what all the birds can be import from Cameroon too? .
Thanks & Regards

Imran said...


i want to buy blank fire pistol it is also called starter pistol. it sounds like real pistol but doesn't fire bullets. it is used to start sports events. i run my own pvt school so i need one. i want to buy from online store in usa. i'm based in Punjab, India. the price here is very high for the same pistol it is 40k plus.

Imran said...


i 'm based in Punjab and i want to import one starter pistol for sports events, as i run my own pvt school. starter pistol doesn't use real bullets it just makes sound. kindly tell me the procedure to import via internet from online store in usa.>

AJAY said...

I am an Indian and working in Stockholm.I am coming for a vacation to India.
can I bring a reindeer skin to india,which we can buy in norway easily.They are processed skins for commercial selling. I have bills.
Please reply to sap.ajaykumar@gmail.com

Thanks in adv.

madhusudan said...

One of my well known who is doctor & practising at Kenya since last 40 years. Under transfer of residency rules he want to madel made up of Zebra Skin & Lion nail which he was awarded at Kenya. He had have also possession letter given by Kenya Govt for the same. Can he bring the same at India under transfer of residency baggage rules. Seeking your reply soon on mmadhusudan2000@yahoo.com

shanavaz c said...

hi sir can i bring protien shakes to india. i am coming from usa

Anonymous said...

I am a citizen of India. Just yesterday I was flying by Jet airways from Mangalore to Mumbai, carrying some frozen meat products and some fish and some cooked meat worth Rs. 500/=. I was not allowed to carry any frozen meat products from Mangalore , saying all the frozen and meat products are not allowed by any airlines since 23rd June. But recently one of our friend who came by airindian express on 30th June was allowed by cooked meat products kgs.5. How come the rules are changing for one passenger to other and airlines. If it is not allowed any meat/fish products by flights from 23rd June, how come our friend is allowed to carry meat products by air india express? Frozen meat products are allowed from Gulf but not from India.

Why airport authority is not mentioning these types rules in the ticket while booking or in the airport premises. Can anyone clarify my doubt.

sarang said...


I am an Indian working in Paris, my work contract is completed and i will be travelling back to india soon. And i have a movie collection DVD's that i bought here. I don't want to leave them here. Is there any customs that i have to pay for bringing my movie dvd collection


sirajudeen said...

I am currently in Dubai and I am planning to buy an SONY LED tv 32 inches from here which intend to take for my home in India.

How do i carry it back home to india and what is the tax in need to pay to the customs ..Pls reply to siraj2704@gmail.com

infant said...

I am an Indian citizen, holding UAE residence visa. how much of pure gold can I take to India. I mean like gold biscuit!


Anonymous said...

sir:could you please tell me how many grams Gold i can export from india to finland i mean by finnair

Anonymous said...

Hello SiR/Madam
i am requesting you to please inform me about indian regulation act is alow to bring(import) in post a blank fire pistol which is barrel lock and non-lethal,
so inform me what i have to do if i want to make purchase it from online stores , please informe on my e-mail id shaikhmohamedazam@yahoo.com

Mitul said...

My mother and father are coming from usa. they gone for marriage of my cousin. now they want to buy hp all in one Desktop PC and coming back in nov. I want to know is there any custom applicable on it? if yes then how much? Can they carry with them or in baggage?
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sir, I send a parcel from abu dhabi to Jaipur through emirates post containing "prayer matress (Old and used), around 10 metrer cloth, child shoes, chocolete 2 kg, almond 2 kg, shampoo, cream facial, olive oil, copper ground cable (around 4 kg.) one very old internate router with 4 hubs etc. Custom department of internation post office stopped my parcel and asked 5800 rupees customs. The total value to material is not more than 10,000 indian rupees. please tell m e the rule. If this kinds of act happning in postal parcel no one will send the parcel through post office to their house in india.
I have been send many times parcel to my family without any custom charges by private currier and postal parcel.

Ghosh said...

Can anyone guide me that from where and which authority the "No arms and no expolsives" certificate is obtained at the time of export any cargo.
Thanks in advance,
K Ghosh

Ghosh said...

Dear Sir, please help me to know that from where and which authority the "No arms and no explosives" certificate can obtained at time of export of cargo.

Anonymous said...

Hi,Iam a UAE resident planning to bring new Samsung 40" LCD or LED worth not exceeding not above UAE Dhirams 2500/- with original invoice. Our airport destination is chennai. I will be travelling with my husband & we will be carrying our used personal laptop/handycam/digital camera since we are coming for vacation. Will there be a problem with customs as we are carrying the above things. Please help us urgently in guiding us & reply to lathu692002@yahoo.com

taha_nishat said...

does a rambo knife 30 cm come in restricted items .will the customs scan my parcel i bought on alibaba from chian .please answer mail me at taha_mys@yahoo.com

Dharmjeet singh said...

sir, i am in india,can i do import a shipment of used cloths from canada.
tell me

Anonymous said...

Sir/madam, I had bought a Deer Skin in an Auction here in USA. Can I carry it to India and pay the Customs tax through Red Channel? Its a USED item we put on our Chair.

Anonymous said...

Am i allowed to send water to india through sea freight or air freight. around 24 litres

Anonymous said...

am i allowed to send water to india,around 24 litres through sea frieght or air frieght. pls reply on:

Mahesh said...

I want to bring along a european sword with me from new zealand to india, can i bring it?

Is this site Monitored , does anyone get a response for your posts

Anonymous said...

I am currently in KSA, I am planning to buy a 42" LED TV (45,000RS)from here which intend for my home in India.

So pls anybody tell me that how much tax in need to pay to the customs.
Pls reply to mullai30@yahoo.in

Anonymous said...

i want to carry sandalwood chips and pwder approx 50 grams for sample purpose... what are the documents,bills required to carry the same.. i am holding government license for selling sandalwood in mumbai..and visiying dubai for tour purpose.
reply to pradeepdoshi67@indiatimes.com

bonnielou said...

Dear Sir, we are travelling to India early March and are bringing the ashes of a friend who wants to be spread on the Ganges as her final wishes. Can you please tell me if we are able to bring them into India thank you?

bonnielou said...

Dear Sir, we are travelling to India early March and are bringing the ashes of a friend who wants to be spread on the Ganges as her final wishes. Can you please tell me if we are able to bring them into India thank you?

joan said...

Iam joan,
Iam citizen of INDIA. now iam in france, can i bring 3 hair dryers to india for my sister, my co sister and my friend. In this any problems are there? plz reply me sir, iam waiting for ur answer. please reply to

Anonymous said...

i have a friend coming from australia to india. i ask them to bring some stuff adult such cream and gel....can they bring it with out any problem in custom department...???

Raj said...

Im from india im going dubai for vacation
holiday if im buy diamond how can cary to india
please answer mgckhanna1212@gmail.com

Shantanu Shukla said...

you can carry items worth upto 25k in india. arms n weapons arent allowed....
mind u any duty free item purchased inside duty free will also be counted. liqior as well. wo b careful.

pavan said...





pavan said...

hi ,

can i import a AXIS DEER SKIN from legal shop through the online

Is it legal to import the deer skin from USA to India ??
PLease let me know


Anonymous said...

are we allowed to bring bonsai plants to india from the us??

cheap flights to Abu Dhabi said...

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

Anonymous said...

Hi can i know if i can import 3000 chicken pox vaccines into India for clinical uses from Singapore?
Thank you
Please do reply at wei_hong1994@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear sir, I am a citizen of China and I have bought an expensive red sandalwood(5kg) which I want to take back to China. Will there be a problem when I check in to Airport customs, if so, what is the procedure?

Suresh said...

Dear Sir,
I want to bring some 2kg of clay soil to grow lotus plants in my house. Is it allowed to bring from India to Qatar? Please email to suresh_k10@rediffmail.com.

Unknown said...

Sir, I have to begin with business in the neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh, can I take a few samples of adhesives with me in my luggage without any problem? I will carry all the Material Safety Data Sheets along with me.
Please reply on

Anonymous said...

I wanted to purchase deerskin paper from a company in the US which sells it. is this allowed? This is for personal use. please reply to shahnaz_rahman2006@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

can i get a bb gun pistol from usa to india

ccc777office said...

can you bring in frozen meat products for personal use, coming in Chennai Airport. It's not a lot only about 5 kg just for personal use. Any information would be very much appreciated

godari praveenkumar said...

sir can i sell my farm product (barberry seeds to a foreigner) is it legal or illegal/prohibitted please reply urgently

sathiyadasvj joseph said...

i would like to import some solar panels from Australia to India. It is second hand . So what are the things I should do for import. This will come around 150 pieces. my email is sathiyadasvj@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Sis,

Pls let me know, Can I import my parrot ( African gray parrot)from Dubai to Kerala.


Anonymous said...

gnisir,how much does its costin the custom that i need to pay if i carried money more than the limit of money required.......maridel.santoyas@yahoo.com

nikhar bhatia said...

Hello Sir ,I had a querry regardig bringing of protein food supplement from dubai.Can a person do so. Please reply soon.
nikhar deepak bhatia

Anonymous said...

Hi.....i m flying to mumbai from dubai....i want certain clarification on toys..i m carrying 6 remote control toy cars for kids aged 5-10. Is it allowed. Or will there be any problem with customs. Pls reply..suchitak87@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Can I bring vegetable seeds in shop bought packets into India?

Ansar Ks said...

Hi sir I have African grey parrot Im in uae wat is the presiger pls send me email
Kansar50@yahoo.com aur ansar5006@gmail.com thanks sir

seema said...

Can I bring vegetable seeds into india from Canada that are in store bought packets.
Pls reply

Ayjaz Mulla said...

Dear Sir, I am from India & working in Abu Dhabi, I want purchase weight gains products for GYM , can i talk that product to india or no , please reply me ayjaz_mulla@yahoo.in

Milind said...

Milind : Did any body able to carry souvenir sword inside india ?

Maryam Mustafa said...

I want to travel with my grey african parrot from dubai to india how can i???.....

Anonymous said...

sir please tell me if i can carry pet medicines to india. and i want to carrify two pairs of pigeons... plz reply kashif_malik07860@rediffmail.com

Nazim Dawre said...

dear sir , i have 2 pair of pegion and i m working in dubai ,i want to know can i send these pigeon to india in mumbai or puna from dubai.plz let me know at ndawre@gmail.com

moto said...

Hi, I want to send some sandalwood to abroad. I'm just unable to know much much maximum amount I can send through parcel services. Please anyone clarify me this issue.

Varshith Kumar said...

I'm in Bangkok and have purchased a "Crocodile Head" and it looks just too real from the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Will I have
any problem bringing it to India?

satwinder singh said...

Hi my family travelling to India they are indian citizens, can they bring isolated protein powder from Australia if yes is it have any quantity limitation? Thanks

Abhishek Samant said...

Can I take kangaroo skin from australia to india.. please suggest what can be done.

shehnaz kachwalla said...

Can a passenger carry deer skin from South Africa to India with a certificate

Unknown said...

Sir...i am working in Saudi arabia, I would like to bring soil samples from here only to find quantity of mineral content in the soil. Can i carry to india? Please reply me


can i send cpu and lcd moniter to india by post?
any charges from castums?..

Muhammad. said...

Dear sir

I have a pair of ecletus parrot [country of origin is newgeine eastern Austria. I have bird passport and Vaccination paper for the same bird. please inform me the Indian Customs rules for carry a bird to India

please reply me your processes by email Muhammadrf26@gmail.com

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

I will be travelling to India New Delhi from London. I am student in UK for more than a year and i am returning home after completing my studies. I want to carry gifts like 2-Watches, 10-perfumes and 3 ladies hand bags. Am i allowed to take these items with me.

will i be charged anything for carrying these products?

Please respond to akshay5616@gmail.com


Asif Shaikh said...

Dear sir

I want to carry sony smart tv 40 inch, i buy it second hand, how much duty i hv to pay

Anonymous said...

can an chinese national take cancer medicines from india?

Anonymous said...

Im going to trichy from dubai and i have to carry air cooler which has 90cmx50cmx40cm box.... pls guide me ...

malay ray said...

Indian National - Can I bring Reindeer skin in India inside baggage

malay ray said...

Can I bring Reindeer skin (one) in my baggage to India for room decoration.

Soumyadip Nag said...

Can I carry some leather samples (swatches) and two small wallets, total weight (wallets and swatches) around 800 grams from India to Germany? Does it come under semi processed hides and skins (restricted category)? Do I need to declare for carrying this amount?


Pocket Knife Review said...

One of the most in depth beginner’s review I have seen. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am residing in India for a couple of years. I am from Malaysia and I want to take some pandanus leaves for personal uses only. Am I allowed to bring the plant in. I will enter through the banglore international airport.

Anonymous said...

Can I carry vibrator to India for personal use?

Mohamed Ali said...


I am an Indian and a resident of UAE. I want to take my pet birds (African Grey and Scarlet Macaw)with me to Kerala. Please inform me the procedures I have to do in UAE and in India. My email address is alimash@gmail.com

Dhanish Haridas said...

Can I carry protien powder to India?

Julie Roper said...

Can I bring a small amount of soil for a ceremony in Auroville India?

thanks for letting me know
Julie Roper

mohammed abdul Rasheed said...

I am an Indian and a resident of Saudi Arabia. I want to take my pet birds (a pair of Macaw)with me to Kerala. Please inform me the procedures I have to do in Saudi and in India. My email address is rash815@gmail.com

Vijay Kumar said...

Mr. Anant Ramesh said,

Can Mammoth tusk imported from USA ? Mammoth died ten thousand years back.Its tusk has is allowed to import all over the world.

Kindly please reply on my email address : jhaverianant@yahoo.com.

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