January 16, 2008

Registering a complaint : vigilance

"Indian Customs Officers are masters in intepreting rules, regulations, circulars, notices etc according to their wills & fancies to harass individuals"

The Directorate General of Vigilance is an attached office of the Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) in the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India. It is headed by the Director General of Vigilance who is also the Chief Vigilance Officer of the Central Board of Excise & Customs.

If you have ever paid a Bribe >> Please Post it at I Paid a Bribe

For dealing with complaints against corrupt practices by officers, the customs department has a separate vigilance organisation headed by the Directorate General of Vigilance. Any complaints of corruption against the officer can be logged with the D.G. Vigilance at New Delhi or the Zonal units of the Directorate of Vigilance.

In real life things are little different, 99% of the airport custom agents are corrupt Bribe Rates for Delhi Customs & Excise

Mumbai customs is notorious for having people asking for bribes or to help you "cut through the line"

The problem of people trying to bypass customs and customs officials harassing people arises because the people are not aware about the rules. The Indian customs officials use that to their advantage.

Grievances can primarily be divided into three categories:
  • Complaints of corrupt practices against officers
  • Delay in decision making by officers.
  • Grievances against merits of the decision taken by officers.

How can you file a complaint?

Here is a link to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO)
    Please send a Email to the PM of India [ Best Way to get your Voices Heard ]

    Insider Sources say that Letters to PMO are making the biggest impact You wil not get a Response from PMO but is making a very big difference ...

Central Vigilance Commission
As long as you are complying with the provisions of the law there is nothing to fear. In the event of any harassment by any officer, you may immediately contact the senior most officers on duty, usually the Deputy Commissioner of Customs. In case of demands for illegal gratification/graft, there are explicit directions/Notices at every airport on whom to contact???

About Indian Custom Officer
Abrasive, arrogant, bloated, callous, cold, complex, corrupt, discourteous, heartless, inefficient, insensitive, lethargic, mindless, negative, obstructive, opaque, oppressive, ponderous, rude, wasteful, wooden


Anonymous said...

Emailing to the PM of India is the best option

Anonymous said...

Defeating bad people requires effort
Customs are taking money NOT to open bags ....... the inconvenience that it causes makes people pay $75. i suppose the intelligence agencies will ask for more through scrutiny of people from gulf so customs agent will pretent to be doing his duty and earn money and i am saying it is wrong action from people to pay if people allow a customs officer to go through bags it will take him 15 minutes to earn $75 otherwise it takes a customs officer 5 minutes to earn $75 so people should make a customs officer earn less money writing letters to goverment officers are waste of time

Anonymous said...


Especially customs at Bombay (Mumbai) are like beggers. I went to India with my family for emergency medical reason for my father. We did not get anything from US, but the customs officer wanted us to pay $50. When I asked the reason he showed my wife ornament (only one Mangalsutra around 22gms) which she was wearning. I told that as per our tradition hindu marriage she was wearing that and moreover that was there when we were leaving the country. That begger customs officer told we need to notify and fill a form when leaving the country and begged for $30. I had to throw #30 on his face because I have next flight to catch and also we were in tension for my father hospitalization. Never ever take customs at Bombay.

Anonymous said...

My gifts were torn apart by the Customes officers at Mumbai because my father refused to pay them a bribe. They stole a number of designer cardigans, soft toys, beauty articles - despite my father paying a fee on them! how nice! i wish these people & their families all the bad luck and misfortune for stealing things i brought from my hard-earned money and harassing my father. Obviously i have emailed a complaint against those thieves but i doubt if anything will be done - good old India - good for nothing people. Sometimes i feel ashamed that these are supposed to be my countrymen!

Anonymous said...

Problem with Customs and Importation of goods is that India's Customs (importaion and exportaion) rules, laws and regulations were written in 1960-70s. There was an effort to change that in 1995 when importation of goods limit was increased from Rs. 600 to Rs.1200. Subsequently the limit was raised as the inflation picked up. Now that one can import items worth of Rs.32,000 (20K + 12K). However, the laws are so antiquetted that Rs. 33K represents USD 775. With many Indians (both other nationality as well India's) carry newly acquired richness of iPod, laptop, softwares, DVD player, camera, camcorder etc... This amounts average Indian (both foreign as well as Indian nationalieteis) carry goods worth more than $5000, excluding gold. Thus, there will always be that void that Indians fel that the governement is sleeping. And that is why bribery exceeds. I have seen for a paltry $200, a women was allowed to cross the customs through Green Channel with her 8 suitcases, while I carrying an old SLR 35mm camera was detained, because I happened aso to carry some cashews and young infant clothes. Of Course, I did my part -- paid ~Rs.6700/- in duty as I wanted to keep myself honest. India's PM knows this, and he subscribes to the notion of unseen corruption. Otherwise, he would be dethroned in a minute. I know India is scared of foreign terrorist smuggling weapons and cirgarettes, but it cannot determine the difference between two n terms of applicability of laws and regulations. USA has $10,000 importation limit, NZ/Aus has NZ/Au $12,000. Nobody is asking a million dollar Bentley ot be imported, just basic goods for family members. I believe India should impose customs on items of large nature which destroys environment..trucks, cars etc..This was India can bring back a huge pool of talents and know-hows back to its borders that will be needed to overcome coming tsunami of, in John McCain's terms, Reverse Anti-Brain Drain.

Unknown said...

I sent a kodak digital camera to Bhopal from sydney on 8th oct 08 but someone from mumbai Foreign Post put cadbury chocolates in the parcel and steal the camera when my parents went to Bhopal post office they had been told that its common in Mumbai Foreign Post.i email to this department more than 10 times but did't get any reply what should i do now?
people like us who live in abroad and want to send gifts for their love ones but department like Mumbai Foreign Post steal thier expensive gifts which is really very bad.Not only they steal but also not answer any of the complain.They are theives and this department is real shit.

Anonymous said...

Your Best Bet is send a Email to PM


Unknown said...

I sent 2 email to pm but i doubt of getting any reply as its been 1 week now.

Unknown said...

hi this is juhi i didn't get any reply from pm and this is a real shame i mean pm is supporting the corrupt system of Mumbai foreign post?

JennyMac said...

i need some advice. i was ripped off by indian customs.
i had a camera sent to me for personal use in mumbai. i left teh country 2 weeks later with that camera and had a letter from customs stating that i am leaving the country with this camera.
Indian gov't charged my $750 in duty and taxes!
the camera is not even worth that much
fedex is not helping much
what are my options? how do i get this resolved?
thank you

Anonymous said...

india custome officers are assholes

Unknown said...

How many emails can a PMO office read and respond.So you think only PMO office is corruption free. I Dont think so, every where in india you find corrupted officials.

Unknown said...

I have purchased a camcorder for 530$ in USA, now can i take to india without any hassels, or i should pay for it at customs office in Bangalore, please advice me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Friends/ everyone ,

Let me bring to your notice and caution you against some malpactices held by Indian custom people and Indian Postal department.

I ordered a a 1200$ product in MAy 2009

http://www.tek.com/products/oscilloscopes/ online .

When the shipping number was given to me I was amaised the chinese company shipped this via EMS(postal service) anyways , I expected the product will take another 15 days to reach . I was shocked that the postal department handed over to me an EMPTY box for an 2kg product.

I rushed to Delhi Gol market post master for the matter but he was help less . What happened was the FUCKING Indian Custom people placed their seal and then cut open it took out the product taped with a transparent tape and Stole the product . PLEASE PLEASE I would caution everyone not to use postal department / Indian Customs for their valuable products . It is worth using DHL/FedEX/UPS etc services atleast you can gaurantee the product is not stolen.

I can bet 100% of valuable products are stolen by Indian Custom BASTARDS and the responsiblity are thrown on postal people , and these asshole Postal people are such Foolish that cant even check weight and deny packet to the Customs .

I think both these departments are clubbed and nothing could be done .

PLease STOP bribing these bastards and use a proper way , dont use SERVICES OF INDIAN POSTAL DEPARTMENT for your valuables and avoid CORRUPT THIEVES INDIAN CUSTOMS by using Insured DHL/FedEX etc services . they dont let these criminals steal you product .


Anonymous said...

The cusotoms officers at Calicut airport are criminals. They are squezing the poor illitrated passengers and getting money in very shameful ways. They are feeding their family with very bad money. Vigiilance and CBI have to be more careful to save passengers from this robbery team and protect the reputation of our government.

Anonymous said...

Custom allows goods upto 25000/- per person as free of custom while coming from abroad. At Delhi airport items shown with invoice (of renowned companies) of purcahse of less amount are not considered by custom officers & they put their own rates for items, informing of heavy penality, negotiating for bribes.

It lookes as department does only formality for giving rules & does not want to make clear guidelines on their website.

Suresh K said...

its waste of pointing to PM site

http://www.pmindia.nic.in/write.htm -- this doesn't work at all. Everything is corrupted.

Unknown said...

hi i am pragnajyoti mukherjee i ordered 3 mobiles from uk through prizeflex ltd uk and the tracking number shows it is in delhi international airport awaiting custom clearance.how much do i have to pay to get it cleared??urgent..
thank you

Hemant Patelia said...

I would like to import katana(Japanes sword)from canada(weapon master) having length of 37 inch. I am having 2nd DAN Black Belt(Japan) in Shito ryu style. The purpose of importing this katana is to do practice of weapon training.plz let me know the procedure for the import.My Email address is hemantpatelia@gmail.com

hemant Patelia

zaffar said...

Hello,,,My name is Zaffar and i was coming back from Turkey to india with my Laptop,extenal Hard drive,digital camera two pair shoes and my used clothes,,on ariving Delhi the custum officers told me to open my baggage and said that i am a very rich man and i am carrying costly things (it was only to make me down)after argueing the said that i should pay 17000 rupees duty for the things,unluckyly i had aconnecting flight to Jammu from domestic airport and had no time ,,after a long discusssion they said if i pay 10,000 rupees they will let me go ,as i put my hands in my pocket they said that everywhere are cameras fitted ,i should go into the toilet and some one will come there and i should give it to him.
Tis is OUR GOVERNMENT and our OFFICERS and our CORRECTOR,,are we in a position to say (mera bharat mahaan) ???
India is reallly a corrupt Country and unluckyly i am a citizen of India

Anonymous said...

With the experience I have had with these fucking Indian custom officer I would happily fucking waste them one by one. In fact they should all be lined up and sprayed with machine gun fire and their bodies left to rot. They only bully and cause grievances to fellow Indian and lick the White peoples asses. The Indian custom officer is THE scum of this planet

Unknown said...

My name is Ramesh Thakur i arrived on 7/3/14 by omam air 0201 i had 32 LCD so eligible 36% duty so i paid custom officer tired to negotiate amount like not to pay duty.what amount want to put his pocket.finally i paid 6000 rs for duty without giving to officer.while paying at counter i noticed more 50 lcd left without duty.either they are not eligible for duty or something else'
after new rules for LCD Money getting but in govt accounts.it has going to custom officers ac.

Anonymous said...

The Problem may be due to 500 Server Error/404 Page Not Found.Please contact your system administrator.


Unknown said...

I lost my parcel for a the second time at mumbai customs. I had ordered a pair of headphones worth around 25K.

Its been 3 months now and I have not received it till date! The status shows up and pending custom clearance.

Last time for the parcel, i even paid the customs duty and never received it. This time I did not have to pay the duty. But, I know in my heart that I am never going to receive it.

It's very painful to lose hard-earned money!! I don't think custom officials understand the pain of this.

Its because of greedy thieving white collared thieves like these, India can never improve. People like this, bring the entire country to shame.

After reading all the replies above, I cannot believe no action has been taken to prevent this blatant stealing.

I feel really ashamed to be associated with India, because of people like these. India will never grow as long as greedy thieving officials like these thrive.

Anonymous said...

please update new customs rule for TV

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I have staying in abudhabi from last 5 years.last 4 years my family was with me.I had send some house holding items which i was used for 4 years to my home through a local cargo at abudhabi.it was send on 23rd march 2017 to my home at kerala.As per our local cargo said this cargo clearance will be in channai but you dont want to send or come to channai for the clearance.I beleaved them and agree then send the cargo no 23rd march 2017.As they said i did not get my cargo in 45 days with out that they given me the tax receipt of 62950 INRS.My cargo contains some taxable items which i giving below.
and some house hold items like knife table,flower etc..
Sir,i would like to know all this items tax will be 63000?.
I having all the receipt and details of local agent at channai and give me the the direction of complaints against the agencies.
My email id --shajunalupurakkal@gmail.com.mob-00971509125802.

Best Regards,


Piyush957 said...

hi there, I want to carry 30(approx) marimmo moss boll(it is a under water plant so it wil be wet only and withoit extea water and in paking), for my aquarium From USA to india? I am a indian citizen.
What could be the method?

Unknown said...

Subject:Illegal goods coming from another country

I import goods from foreign country with proper documentation but people here in siliguri bring goods from different borders without paying any taxes. They bring imported watches imported shoes football jersey guns ammunition. Right two borders are quiet active
1) Moreh through burmah Meghalaya
2)panitanki border
Big officials are taking big bribe

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