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Understanding the India Post Custom Declaration Process
India Postal Service

When sending packages internationally via India Post, it's crucial to understand and properly fill out the Custom Declaration form to ensure your shipment clears customs smoothly. This guide provides a detailed overview of how to complete the India Post Custom Declaration Form, helping senders avoid common mistakes and delays.

Overview of the India Post Custom Declaration Form

The Custom Declaration Form, also known as CN 22, is a necessary document for international shipments that helps customs authorities assess whether the goods can enter the destination country. This form must be filled out in English, French, or a language accepted by the destination country. For items valued over 300 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), a more detailed CN 23 form is required.

Completing the Form: Key Sections

  1. Sender’s Information: Always provide the sender's full name and address on the front of the parcel. This ensures the package can be returned if necessary and helps verify the sender's identity.

  2. Description of Contents: Each item in the package must be described in detail. Vague descriptions like "clothes" are insufficient. Instead, specify "two men’s cotton shirts." This clarity helps customs officials process and verify the contents quickly.

  3. Quantity and Unit of Measure: Clearly state how many of each item are in the package and the unit of measure, e.g., pieces, kilograms, liters.

  4. Weight and Value: For each item, list the weight and the value, specifying the currency (e.g., CHF for Swiss Francs).

  5. HS Tariff Number: Include the Harmonized System (HS) tariff number, a six-digit code that classifies traded products. This code is essential for determining any duties or taxes applicable.

  6. Country of Origin: Indicate the country where the goods were produced, manufactured, or assembled. This is crucial for customs to determine the applicable rules and tariffs.

  7. Total Value and Weight: Sum up the total value and weight of all items in the package, which are key factors in customs assessments.

  8. Signature and Date: Your signature and the date at the bottom of the form affirm your responsibility for the contents and the accuracy of the information provided.

Additional Tips for Commercial Items

For commercial shipments, it's advisable to:

  • Complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Attach an invoice on the outside of the package, which greatly aids the customs processing.
  • Select an appropriate reason for export; note that “Gift” is not acceptable for commercial items.
  • India Post Custom Declaration Form
    Final Thoughts

Accurately completing the India Post Custom Declaration Form is vital for ensuring your international shipments pass through customs without unnecessary hold-ups. By providing detailed descriptions, adhering to the guidelines, and attaching the necessary documentation, you can facilitate a faster clearance process. This attention to detail not only helps meet regulatory requirements but also enhances the likelihood of a successful and timely delivery.

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