Indian Customs Forms

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At Indian airports, several forms are crucial for travelers, aiding in ensuring compliance with local regulations and facilitating a smooth travel experience. 

International passengers often need to fill out the Indian Customs Declaration Form, detailing items subject to customs duty. Foreign visitors are required to complete the Indian Immigration Arrival Form, providing personal and travel information to immigration authorities. Depending on the purpose of the visit, additional forms, like business or employment visas, might be necessary. These documents are vital for the effective management of travelers entering and exiting India, ensuring safety, security, and adherence to the country's laws.

India Embarkation Card

Indians flying abroad are no longer required to fill out departure cards, but those going out of the country via rail, seaport, and land immigration check posts will have to fill out the embarkation card.

This departure card is applicable to only Indian Nationals departing India.

India Embarkation Card

Indian Customs Declaration Form

The India Customs Declaration Form is an essential document that all travelers entering India must complete. It serves as a declaration for the Indian Customs Authorities, detailing the items being brought into the country. Travelers must declare currency exceeding specified limits, along with any dutiable goods such as electronics, gold, or gifts exceeding the free allowance. The form helps in the efficient management of goods entering India, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations on imports. Filling out this form accurately is crucial for a smooth entry process, as it aids customs officials in preventing illegal importation and ensuring duties are correctly applied where necessary.

Indian Customs Declaration Form

 The new rules will also apply to the members of the crew of a vessel or an aircraft.

India Arrival Card

Indian nationals, are now exempt from filling Arrival card. (Disembarkation Card / Arrival Form)

Indian Immigration Arrival Form : For Foreigners

India Arrival Card is applicable only to Foreign Nationals (including OCI card holders) traveling to India.

Indian Passport Holders do NOT need to complete any arrival card.

The Indian Immigration Arrival Form for Foreigners is a mandatory document designed to streamline the immigration process for international visitors entering India. It requires travelers to provide personal details, passport information, visa details, and the purpose of their visit, whether for tourism, business, or other reasons. This form plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of both the travelers and the nation by facilitating the efficient tracking and management of foreign nationals within India's borders. Completing this form accurately is essential for a smooth entry into the country, as it aids immigration authorities in making informed decisions regarding the admission of visitors.

Indian Immigration Arrival Form : For Foreigners

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